I Stand By Him

Do you know….some people seem to think I was crazy when Jack and I revealed in January 2020 we had been involved in a romantic relationship for three months.

My family were generally fuming with Jack, heartbroken for me and yet they understand from me that all I wanted was peace with him. They understand the desire for peace…they did not understand romance.

Yet whether anyone else understands….Jack and I are….well, we just are a couple who seem to be forging an unbeatable team, an unbreakable bond, a love that lasts. I have chosen to stand by him no matter what kind of opinion anyone else expresses.

This has always been “our” song. It was before we ever got together. But after the dramas and trials, every line means so much more now.


6 thoughts on “I Stand By Him”

  1. From what I have read of your posts, you have both had to fight for your present happiness, so don’t let anyone take it away. Stand by each other!


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