I Need To Concentrate On The Weather Forecast

I noticed in the past year that I seem unable to watch the weather forecast effectively. I watch the forecaster waving their arms around, and the pictures change over the map of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. But if you asked me at the end of the broadcast, what will the weather be like tomorrow – I cannot tell you!!

It’s so bizarre. I have lost my ability to concentrate on the report. I told a friend, and she thinks it a sign that I am saturated with information intake. I have had to do so much training this year, and I also have to listen to scores of patients each day talking. I have to listen and concentrate so much at work, that it seems when I come home, my mind has no room left to digest information.

However….I am compensating for my lack of weather forecast comprehension. I never go anywhere without my umbrella. So far it is working.

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