Tears Like The Rain

Sunday was a wash out here in London. pouring rain along with thunder and lightning. I did not mind that. I had plenty of ironing and cooking and cleaning to occupy me.

I was glad to be tucked away in my little nest. Yesterday at work, TOM (time of the month) arrived and truthfully it was nice to be on my lonesome with plenty to do.

Girl, Umbrella, Rain, Park, Autumn, Blue, Rainy Day

But I also made the mistake of turning on the television to see if there was anything on television. Why oh why did I watch “Tess Of The D’Ubervilles”? It is just so heartbreaking. I wept and wept, and yet I kept watching.

I don’t know why – it is so alarming to me at some points. It actually pushes my buttons in frightfully unwanted ways. Yet I had to stick with it right to the end. I had to endure her heartbreak right to the bitter conclusion. Why did I put myself through that?

The rain kept on pouring and my tears kept on pouring and the lightning crashed! What a dramatic day of housework!!