Sensational Scones On WordPress!

It is that time of the year again…the time we have all been waiting for…yes, that is right – TANDY SINCLAIR IS HOSTING INTERNATIONAL SCONE WEEK 2021!!!!!!!

Yes…yes…it is very exciting – and I am doubly, no maybe triply excited – because Jack is coming over tonight (I have not seen him for around six weeks!!) and I am going to make some scones following a recipe that I am going to adapt into a vegetarian version.

Sorry…I cannot tell you any more than that right now…I don’t want any of you to pinch my idea. I don’t have many ideas you know! But I am sure you will have plenty of ideas of your own. Whether you love the classic scones, or prefer a spicy or fruit twist, or maybe even a boozy version of the incredibly popular scone – I am sure that Tandy would love to have you join in the fun!

So pull out the flour and butter. Pre-heat your ovens. Put on your pinny and roll up your sleeves – it is time to drum up some sensational scones for INTERNATIOAL SCONE WEEK 2021!!