The Silent Cyclist Who Didn’t Say Sorry

Another re-post!!! I have now fully recovered from my injuries!

I was wandering through the park on my way home, (where cyclists are not supposed to ride their bikes, but they can push them) enjoying some late afternoon sunshine….when BOOM!!

Yes…I said BOOM!!

A cyclist ploughed into me. I was shocked. And it hurt. I turned around and saw that the cyclist was distressed. My first thoughts and words were: “are you ok?” She was silent. She was shaking and seemed completely bewildered. I asked her again, “are you ok?” There was still no response. So I said to her, “we both had a shock didn’t we.” She was clearly lost for words. Anyway, she seemed to be alright, so I said “take care” and carried on along my way.

But it was only when I carried on walking that I realized how much my left leg hurt. And now that I am home I can report there are distinctly blue marks all over my leg. I have lathered on some arnica cream…and I am running a bath because I am feeling rather sore.

I am not anti-cyclists. I am anti-lycra – eeeeeyuw! But hey…I do have a problem with cyclists ploughing into me and not even saying sorry. Oh well…she was probably just horrified at what had happened.