Ironing Makes Everything OK

I am looking forward to this evening. I have three large stacks of laundry waiting for me to straighten out all of the creases. This is a task I love! It is so calming and therapeutic.

Sometimes the world seems so strange…I am talking about people – society if you prefer – or perhaps individuals who behave appallingly and upset everyone else. Take these individuals who decided to voice their disappointment about their national football team losing the final by hurling cruel and demeaning insults at a handful of players.

I could say many words, but many words have already been said. However, surely at the very least these individuals should not be allowed to have access to social media. No? It seems so obvious to me – if parents found out their teenagers were misusing their mobile phone or laptop, wouldn’t they take those devices away until their offspring can show they can be trusted with that kind of responsibility.

To me – freedom is a responsibility and if you grossly misuse it – I think you should temporarily lose that freedom until you can show that you will handle it properly.

Perhaps the implications of that are too deep for me to enlarge on at this time of night. I need to sleep…I am looking forward so much to doing my ironing!