A Marriage Of Freedom And Restraint

I was thinking about FREEDOM the other day. Sometimes I read a sentence such as “freedom is relative” or “freedom has limits” or “freedom is a responsibility” and it sets me off pondering practical examples of how that works. Often restraints or rules/laws can enhance freedom.

I was primarily thinking of travel. For example – driving. Freedom of movement on the roads is actually enhanced by set roadways, lane dividers, traffic lights, speed limits. If you took those restrictions away – how successful do you think your drive to work would be?

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How would you feel about boarding an aeroplane and then hearing an announcement that there had been an international agreement to abandon flight charts and allow all pilots to fly any which way they wanted?

There are some people who really don’t seem to like rules, laws, restrictions and like to make it known that they feel their rights, their freedoms are being violated. However, in so many cases, I wonder if they realize just how very damaging it would be to everyone to have no restraints at all.

When I have the time to allow my mind to wander…I grow to love the perfect freedom that comes with wise and timely laws. But appreciating the principles behind those laws makes it so much easier to see how liberating they can be.

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I learnt so much about freedom within my family. My parents patiently taught us how to make responsible decisions about the way we behaved, spoke, dressed – and even helped us to understand that it is very much possible to identify wrong thoughts and shun them. The freedom that resulted – it was a haven of love, warmth, safety, respect, joy and purpose. I don’t think everyone has had that. I sometimes wonder if that is why they struggle to understand how freedom and restraint marry so well together.