A Little Treat For Me

I always find gifts strange. They are mostly useless, or just not what something I would ever choose to buy for myself.

But every now and then…there is something that ticks all the right boxes. During the Pandemic, I have expanded my collection of spices. I had so many that they were becoming very disorganized in the cupboards. Sometimes I was buying spices that I had already had (because it was hard to see them in the cupboard.

Customer image

So, the treat for me – a beautiful new spice rack – made with oak and slate and some chrome bars to keep the spice jars in place.

So useful, so well made, so beautiful – I just love it!!!

We are all so different – if someone gives me a box of chocolates, or a bottle of wine, or jewellery, they end up in the cupboard and jar and are forgotten about…until I decide to give them to someone else.

But my spice rack is a keeper!!! It is on display in my kitchen and every time I see it I want to smile. So thank you to the person who paid for it. I am very grateful…and it really is a lovely little treat for me!