I Love Him Forever And More

Over the past couple of weeks that period in my life that was so hard to deal with and crushed me for some time….it was all dancing around my memory again.

Some of my posts mentioned Jack. Yet, it all over – the pain, the anguish. Now it is all about our happiness, our purpose, our future. It’s time to celebrate – to celebrate a love that survived fiery tests.

What better way to do that than with love songs!!! I have so many sweet songs in mind that make me think of my beloved. So….lets say goodbye to a time of grief and welcome in a time of joy – the best kind of joy – the joy that comes after the storm.

I am going to start with a song that captured my heart when I heard the recording from Kristina Train. I love this track so much that it found it’s way into my LEARNERS AT LOVE series.

This is Kristina Train’s recording of The Waterboy’s track “How Long Will I Love You?”

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