A Garden In North Wales


There is a garden in North Wales

It runs uphill from the cottage

It is about fifty metres long

A large garden anyone would agree

There are trees and flower beds, and shrubs

There is a little pond and a pretty rockery

There is a large patio near the house

Bedecked with outdoor dining furniture

There are a couple of benches

About halfway up the garden

Where we have sat many times

Fragrant blooms perfuming the air

At the top of the garden are taller trees

A swing that needs to be repaired each year

Many laughs and cries of joy

Have been heard upon that swing

We planted a new tree last week

And there she will sleep soundly

I know she will always be safe

And treasured as one of the tribe

That garden up in North Wales

Hosts a family party every summer

I just knew that was the place

I wanted her to sleep soundly

You will always be a special part of my wonderful family.

I wanted you to sleep safely somewhere you will never be forgotten.

Snowdonia is home to a hundred members of my family

And many of my dearest friends

And home to a little apricot who has a big piece of my heart with her


15 thoughts on “A Garden In North Wales

    1. Our Welsh connections are via marriage. My mum’s family are Australian, and Dad’s from Liverpool (formerly Irish) Our extended tribe moved to Snowdonia from Leeds (around sixty years ago) and settled there…now there are four generations of the family in North Wales.

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