Something To Inspire Us!!

One of our very much loved bloggers is Sheree, the creator of View From The Back, who sent me a very exciting email with some quite breathtaking baking creations. We all know that Sheree is a brilliant baker, but on this occasion, Sheree wanted to share with us some of the remarkable works of art made by Marina, a friend of hers. That is a very loving thing to do!!

Marina also lives in France – and it seems she has picked up talent extraordinaire!!! We have some amazing photographs of Marina’s creations – and they are very impressive – but there are many more. If you are an Instagram user, then please do take a look at Marina’s other cake creations:

Here are some of Marina’s stunning cakes:

We asked how Marina learnt to make such extraordinary skills, and it turns out she is self-taught, with a little help from YouTube videos. I wonder whether Gary and I should try YouTube to improve our baking skills. I would end up being distracted by compiling playlists, Gary would be distracted by either Pokemon or Sponge Bob!

We also asked if Marina has a favourite love song, and she told us that she loves the acoustic guitar her son plays – and so that is the perfect reason to play and acoustic version of one of the most popular love songs of all time.

…and because we love all of the photos on your Instagram account….

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