A Snail Wanted To Share My Bedroom

I had a very stressful situation to deal with last night. Stressful because it involved a dilemma of conscience.

I evicted a snail who was crawling across my bedroom ceiling (how on earth did it get up there?) from my little nest. However, I was very concerned about the snail. So I gave it a strawberry, and a spring onion, and some dill. It seemed to prefer the dill oddly.

I have a lot more to say about this snail. But I am so tired right now (because I spent over an hour late last night worrying about this snail and getting up out of bed to check it was still alright) that I think it would all come out wrong if I tried to explain.

But one of the first posts I ever published on this blog was called…


….and last night I lay wide awake asking myself, did I really do the best thing for that snail?

Yes….I know…..go to bed Caramel. You are working much too hard!!