Wow!!! When I checked into my inbox and saw the amount of enquiries asking when the 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF would be, I finally realized it was time for the terrific trio of Gary, Jeanne and moi to roll up our sleeves to host the WordPress event of the year!!

I am thrilled to announce that we have something very special, very spectacular and truly heart-warming for you this year. Of all the things we have learnt over the past year, surely it is that what the world needs now is love sweet love!!! So this year, we present to you…


That’s right 21st and 22nd August will be the weekend we have all been waiting for! We are inviting you to send in your baking photographs now to this email address:

This year out them is LOVE. Yes, we are asking you to bake from the heart. Is their a special recipe that your grandmother taught you when you were a child? Is there someone in your life who you feel romantic love for and bake favourite treats to show your affection? Is there a place you love, a song you love, a memory you love? We would love you to share with us something from the heart, something that will make our hearts glow!!

You can bake anything at all – cakes, pies, biscuits, bread – you can use any flavours, any techniques, it is completely up to you. All we ask is that you remember our theme of love…and make it a bake from your heart!

This year, we have a very special category – pet love!!! Yes, the ultimate baking challenge is to bake a cake (or a pie) that resembles your beloved pet. Those brave enough to take on this challenge will be awarded a very special GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF ACCOLADE!

Please remember, THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF is all about fun – family fun. It is an international blogging event, and we love love love how multi-cultural it has been over the past two years. We want this year to be a very loving, heart-warming event. There really are not many rules, but to answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive, I am going to publish another post tomorrow with a few reminders.

So please send in your baking photographs as soon as possible so that they can be featured as part of THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE – when WordPress becomes a gigantic foodies festival that will warm our hearts and make us very very hungry!!