We Love Learning From Other Bloggers

Gary and I are novices in the kitchen area – you may have noticed that – but we love to see what other bloggers produce each year. We have some phenomenally talented bakers who leave us drooling each year, and have so much technical knowledge in all things patisserie – it is a wonderful chance to learn and discover new techniques we may never have tried before.

Earlier today, we featured a beautiful bake from Julie, the co-creator of One More Bite, and we have some more very impressive baking creations from this brilliant website scheduled to show you over the weekend.

This tempting treat is Julie’s Yuzu Curd Tart, adorned with lush summer fruits. I see this is as the perfect summer indulgence!! I love the details of how the yuzu curd was prepared. Julie’s post contains another baking creation constructed with a similar technique and equally as tempting. Please do take a look at her marvellous post below:


I have been asking some of our bloggers if they have any favourite love songs, and I love that nobody chose the same song as anyone else! It’s just like the bakes – they are all individual and unique!

It just shows how exciting it is that in our international community on WordPress, we all bring our own flavours, own styles, and our own music to the festival! We learn from each other, and we enjoy each other’s creativity and the heart that everyone puts into their posts!

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