The 2021 Star Baker Is…

The moment we have all been waiting for….the STAR BAKER accolade goes to….

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…if you visit this post from our special BAKE OFF Judge Jeanne, you will find out who…

Our BAKE OFF Play List Is On Spotify

A while ago, I was in a training session with other volunteers, and one of the subjects was relating to work/life balance and coping with stress. They asked everyone in the group what they would do if they had an afternoon to themselves with no work waiting for them. Everyone gave a reply. The most popular answer was cooking or baking while listening to music, and some said they would have a glass of wine at the same time.

I already knew the pleasure that would bring, but it was interesting to me to realize how many of the volunteers I work with, some of them big tough guys who work on our construction projects, others who work in accounts, media, our legal department, translators, enjoyed being in their kitchen and creating something yummy while listening to music.

That is one of the reasons why it always seemed important to make sure that THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF was musical.

As you know – at the start of THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE, we asked you to tell us your favourite love song….and, well you did!!! Wow!!! You gave us an amazing list of love songs. Some of you sent your song choices via email, which is fine, I think we managed to note them all down.

Well….my friends who use these things more often than I do, have put together a Spotify playlist for the love songs we had listed from you. So…I am pleased to present THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE PLAYLIST!!!!

Music compiled by the great bloggers of WordPress!

Now, I really don’t know much about these things, so if you have any problems accessing it, will you let me know please, so can ask my friends to fix it! I am listening to the playlist right now and loving it!! It is yet another collaboration between bloggers – and one thing I know about love – it is so much better to be part of a choir who can raise the rooftops, that it is to be a diva. I think collaborations rock!!!

It has been so much fun working along with all of you on this year’s BAKE OFF. It’s not quite over. We are still looking forward to hearing the results from Jeanne, our special BAKE OFF Judge, and of course look out for our love letter to all of you!

But in the meantime, enjoy the playlist – and why not listen to it next time you have the kitchen to yourself and are able to enjoy trying some of the recipes bloggers have shared this weekend!

Who Will Be The 2021 Star Baker Be?

We are all very excited as our special BAKE OFF Judge Jeanne (A Jeanne In The Kitchen) is preparing the results of THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE!

Did you see Jeanne’s post earlier?

Make sure you look out for Jeanne’s post sharing with us the answer to the question everybody is wondering? Who will be the 2021 Star Baker?