Robert, Oh Robert, If You Only Knew

I wanted to say a special thank you to two very good friends of mine who have been baking and sending in photographs to take part in this year’s GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF. Annette started blogging with a little encouragement from yours truly back in October. Her website is LADY LEWIS and features recipes for family dinners and desserts, drinks reviews and music.

Annette’s husband is Robert and they are two of the most generous, hospitable people I know. Before the Pandemic, they often hosted dinner parties, and since the lockdown in the UK has been gradually lifting, I have been a guest at their little garden parties a few times these past few months.

Annette submitted a photograph of a twist on key lime pie – this is a kiwi lime pie. Annette’s very well organised blog features her recipes, drinks reviews and music. This is her charming post featuring her Kiwi Lime Pie:

Annette has dedicated this to her husband, who usually has very different ideas of what a pudding should be compared to Annette. But on one dessert they agree completely.

I know he is going to be very cross with me….but I could not resist linking our favourite “Robert” song!! Admit it Robert, you love Dolly Parton!

19 thoughts on “Robert, Oh Robert, If You Only Knew”

  1. Oh it’s my pie!!! lol – I am loving all of the baking photos Melody. We are going to have some lunch at St Cassians, but we will be checking in later so see more baking poss!! This is all absolutely lovely – and I think you Gary and Jeanne are wonderful!!!


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