So Much Work Is Going On Behind The Scenes

The last minute preparations are being made as we speak to THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE!!!

Gary is laying the tables as well as churning out champion baking of his own, Jeanne is perusing the baking submissions, I am faffing around with decorations and the music system, special guests are working on their surprise contributions – and the bakers, oh wow! – the bakers have been working so hard making beautiful bakes, sharing their hearts with us and of course cleaning up their kitchens after all their hard work!

We have so much lined up for you, literally, all scheduled, ready to be launched. Just a few last minute tweaks to be made and a back up plan for a last minute of influx of baking photographs (well, it happened for the last two years, so we have to be ready in case it happens again this year!)

It’s so so so exciting!!!

Tomorrow, we will publish a program of events, and then we have two very special features ready to be published on Friday. Yes….it we are so close now!!

Don’t forget that this year’s theme is LOVE!! We want this to be a very warm, friendly, loving event, embracing all of the international flavours that we are blessed to have in this year’s GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE!

Whether you have been able to bake or not, we would love you to support all of the bloggers who have been baking by viewing their bakes, liking, commenting and please do visit their sites to discover their beautiful posts! It is the great bloggers of WordPress that make this event heart-warming and spectacular! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to discover some lovely lovely bloggers!

In answer to the emails that were in my inbox this evening – no, it is not too late to send in your baking photographs!! Please send them in as soon as you can (this will really help because I am working long hours over for the next three days) to: