Our Squabble Led To A Serenade

Jack and I work together a lot nowadays. On Sundays, pretty much all of the work we do is online, and we spend long hours staring at computer screens. We take turns in preparing food and drinks, well, ok, I prepare the food, and he does his bit with preparing drinks. We chat, we hold hands, we kiss – we do all the things that a couple engaged to be married are known for.

Occasionally we squabble, not really arguing, but teasing each other over something we don’t agree on. Currently, that is often about our wedding. We are not in agreement, but I am going with what Jack wants. I am happy to let him make these decisions and take responsibility for them. It is all too stressful for me to cope with.

Hand, Turntable, Dj, Neon Lights

But that is not what this post is about…it is about what happens when we squabble about music. We actually both love a lot of the same music. So we only squabble over finding music that suits our mood. On Sunday morning, I was really shattered after a long week at work. I wanted something calming. Jack wanted dance music – dance music at half past eight on a Sunday morning!

So although I generally enjoy yielding to Jack when we squabble, on this occasion, I insisted that he find something that was kinder to my achy head. So for the next hour, we listened to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra serenade us with the music of John Barry. So lovely!