Unbreakable Love And Unity In Baking Form!

We are super excited about our next blogger, the sensational Eleanor Lorene Lowe, the creator of the spectacular website You Lil Dickens.

Eleanor has produced something that captures so much of what has influenced this year’s GREAT BLOGGERS BAKE OFF being chosen as a FESTIVAL OF LOVE!

This is her appetizing fresh fruit pizza, constructed with a sugar cookie crust, cream cheese Icing and topped with fresh summer fruit

Made in a circle ⭕️ representing the unbreakable bond of love and unity! Two things the world needs more of! 

Amen to that!!! And that really is exactly why we picked this year’s theme. It means so much that we have a lovely warm hearted international community on WordPress.

Like never ever before, we know that mankind needs love on every level, in every corner of the earth, starting with under own own rooves, and then expressed to our neighbours. Why would we ever limit such a powerful force that can heal the deepest scars and revive the tiredest of souls?

Eleanor picked a love song by an absolute legend – Sam Cooke – that is as smooth as that cream cheese filling and just as delicious!!

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