The Power Of Love

Yesterday we featured the Kiwi Lime Pie created by Lady Lewis, including the flavours she and her husband Robert agree on. But today we have something very special from Annette.

I remember hearing a lesson about love many years ago – if you love someone and you decide to bake them a cake – what do you put into it? Do you put your own favourite flavours? Or do you use the favourite flavours of the person you love?

I know that Lady Lewis is not particularly a chocolate lover, nor a cherry lover, but she knows what her guests enjoy! So she has been making a Black Forrest Cheesecake (oh thank you for putting Germany on the map Lady Lewis!) that everyone loves, especially her nephew Wills.

This is the post Lady Lewis created to feature her bake:

I know Lady Lewis has been making some changes to her site to concentrate on food, drink and music, and a lot of her personal posts have disappeared. But I noticed she has left one of my favourites – her lovely account of how she met her husband Robert!

I also know which songs are very personal to these two special friends of ours. In fact, I even included a real life event from their life in Annabelle’s story (in The LEARNERS AT LOVE Series) – do you remember the serious traffic accident that Annabelle is in when she comes to England? Well…it is inspired by something that happened years ago and perhaps cemented these two as the kind of couple who were never going to take each other for granted. Aaaaw – you know how much we love you two!!!

Power Of Love

12 thoughts on “The Power Of Love”

    1. Robert was caught up in a huge pileup on the motorway. It was all very dramatic, he was very badly injured, the car was destroyed, he was in a coma for weeks.


  1. I think when you give a gift, it should be something you believe the recipient will enjoy, not something you yourself want (unless it’s the same thing). Cooking is a little different. I wouldn’t want to cook something I disliked. It’s easy to find a compromise since there are so many flavors! But if you’re baking to give the product away as a gift or otherwise, then it doesn’t matter if you yourself would like to eat it…


    1. Annette does not have a sweet tooth at all Paula. But she bakes all sorts of amazing things that everyone else gobbles up. She is a very hospitable lady, very generous, and you can see how much she enjoys seeing her guests eat up all her food.

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