There Is No Golden Ticket

Paula Light, the creator of Light Motifs II hosts the MONDAY PEEVE (I know it is Wednesday today) and invites us all to join along as you can see from this week’s post below:

Angry, Serious, Woman, Lady, DepressionWell, my peeve is not a specific thing. It is just that a collection of little things, little oddities is getting to me. There is noone to blame. I am not even sure there is a real reason for complaint. It’s just the combined collective accrual of all this oddness is getting to me and the truth is I am tired of weirdness everywhere I look.

Where do I begin? Maybe with the TESTING FOR ANTIBODIES situation. I have been a frontline member of staff for months. During February and March we saw vast quantities of patients before safety measures were really stepped up. My theory is that surely I came into contact with the …you know, but I have not fallen ill. Whether or not I have antibodies, I do not know. I will not know apparently without being tested.

Bar, Pub, Restaurant, Drink, PeopleBut why should I be tested? If I do have antibodies does that mean I can stop wearing PPE at work? Nope! Does it mean I can start going to the pub? Nope! The pubs are not open for people who have antibodies. Does it mean I can fly to Australia to see Goldfinch in June? Nope! Not on your Nelly. So how does me being tested for antibodies personally benefit me? I am not 100% sure.

Whether I have antibodies in my system or not, it does not prevent me from being a vehicle for the …you know, or a carrier. I am not classed as in a vulnerable category. I am in my thirties and I have no underlying health concerns that make me “at risk”. I understand that all of the social distancing restrictions have prevented the likes of me (especially as someone who works for the NHS) from putting other people, more vulnerable people at risk.

idufaduihSo, I was baffled when some of my acquaintance were celebrating that they have finally been approved for antibody tests. They have been working from home, sunbathing in their garden, going for bike-rides.

Does that make them more or less likely to have been exposed to the …you know… than me? I would have thought less likely. I have been at least working six days a week for months and interacting with large numbers of people (and I kid you not, it is impossible for staff to maintain a two metre distance from each other and from patients).

It does seem weird to me that they have been whining and whinging about having an antibody test (I have no idea why they think it is so important that they have it) when neither myself nor my colleagues have been tested for antibodies. We are not moaning at work. We are grateful for all the support from the NHS and the government. Some have been off sick. Others (including me) haven’t. Some are on furlough. Others (including me) are working extra hours in difficult conditions.

Bicycle, Bike, Casual, Fashion, ModelThem knowing whether while working from home, sunbathing in the garden and going for bike rides they have been exposed to the …you know, and developed antibodies – what difference will it make to them? They are in their twenties and thirties. Whether they have antibodies or not, they are not in a vulnerable category, but they can still be vehicles, carriers of the …you know.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I am not really certain why so much attention has been given to the antibody test. In the case of someone who may be more at risk, I can understand why they might want to know if they have antibodies, as perhaps they will feel safer returning to work (if they cannot work from home). But it is still not going to give them the green light to disregard all the social distancing restrictions in place to protect the most vulnerable.

Golden, Ticket, Admission, DecorativeThere is a lot of weirdness on this subject…and it is getting to me. I feel like telling some people to get real. Unless you have a real reason to require an antibody test, (perhaps an underlying health complaint and a job that requires interaction with the public?) what miracles are you expecting? “Oh you have been tested and found to have antibodies, that means you get a special golden ticket to go and drink in your local pub, have a holiday in Ibiza and to be allowed to attend concerts and sports events”. Nope! Whether you have antibodies in your system or not, you are still at risk of harming others by carrying the …you know.

Test Tube, Covid-19, Mask, MedicalIs this making sense? I guess the prime time to test for the …you know was early. (Not an antibody test at all.) It seems that would have been the most effective time to track and trace and control the spread of the …you know. But after it spread like wildfire, well whether you or I have antibodies or not, we can’t go about as if we have won the golden ticket and thereby start risking all those precious dear folk who have been wisely staying at home all this time.

So why friends my age and younger who have spent most of the past three months sunbathing, zooming and going on bike-rides, are all demanding they have antibody tests – I have not the foggiest clue!

lufdisdiudhAnd please please don’t get me started on this talk of an app. An app. Ay karumba – an app is not going to… right I am not even going to start this sentence because I am so tired, it will come out all wrong. The truth is…I am tired. I don’t normally peeve or moan about things. But the weirdness is getting to me.

I am trying to do my bit…working hard, helping support our patients through their hardships. But I keep hearing young people who are clearly struggling with the social restrictions saying the weirdest things and seeking their golden ticket so they can get back to what they are missing. I don’t think they get it.

OK Paula…I think that is enough for one day. I was going to tell you about a ridiculous situation we had at work, but I think I have exceeded my moaning margins for the day. I will give you another Peeve tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “There Is No Golden Ticket”

    1. I don’t want to let myself get too negative. In all honesty, I really really need to keep my chin up at the moment and I need lots of positive energy. But I hear my friends saying silly things…some of them talk so much about missing pubs, concerts, festivals, sports, holidays, and they seem to think that antibody tests and this new app is going to make all of that happen more quickly. I find it a little weird. And I have no energy left in me to sympathize with them over the loss of their social lives.

      On the other hand…I do feel for those who are finding their anxiety levels have increased and they and their mental health is struggling. I don’t know…I am so tired, I am having to switch off to the weirdness around me and concentrate on work and family.

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      1. I get it. You seem to have a good way of finding peace and happiness through music and memories. I try to stay even by talking to my daughters and writing ❤️


    1. In some ways I think it’s been easier for us because we have been so busy. Time has flown by. But we are tired. I think some of my friends are struggling with severe cabin fever and wishing things could get back to “normal” sooner. But I don’t think they understand that them getting their antibody test and installing an app on their phone are not going to resolve this situation.

      I am trying to stay positive and focus on doing what I need to do…but whenever my friends grumble about the things they are missing, I am losing heart. Still…I always feel better after a cup of tea and a long night’s sleep.


  1. It’s really rather silly. Until there’s some indication of what sort of antibody titers are required provide immunity, the test is useless to the average person. What they’re starting to do where I am is offer antibody tests to people who had mild symptoms over the last few months so the public health people can get some idea of how many of those people actually had COVID for epidemiological purposes.


  2. Hang in there! What you do is appreciated. We don’t have the antibody tests yet. I think I may have had…you know in January before we had testing while Trump was still in denial. I haven’t been that sick since 1984 when I had pneumonia. I would get the test if it would help with a cure or vaccine.


    1. It’s ok having antibodies but no evidence on how effective the immunity that provides, no indication of how long the immunity lasts for and it’s only safe if everyone has the antibodies. Not going to be able to answer those questions for at least a year.

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  3. I think you’re right. It seems appropriate to test whether you *currently* have the virus, not for your benefit but for the benefit of the people you are in contact with. But that seems about the biggest win. Testing that somebody *has had* it will at best offer them reassurance that they are safe to mix, Even that assumes that the current thinking is true – that it can only be caught once
    As regards an app, I’m still struggling at the very first hurdle, why we need one. More specifically, why we need our own unique app. Why can’t we use one that somebody else has already written for their needs? There may be a good reason, but nobody has explained that yet. I heard Boris yesterday talking about a “world-beating” app, which seemed a very inappropriate description under the circumstances. I won’t be putting anything on my phone just yet, thanks.


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