Television Magic

hfdsdigSo…if you saw my post last night you will know I felt sad. I had planned to do some work on this course work have asked me to complete. But I did not feel I could face hours of reading.

Instead, I poured myself a glass of wine and flicked on the television and had a very pleasant surprise. It was episode four of the six part BBC Pride & Prejudice. You know…the one with that scene!

It was great! It cheered me up no end!!! If I could pick four minutes of television magic…well that would be it!!!

But then my mind started wondering. Is Jane Austin to blame for the romantic streak I possess? Has she put to many ideas of a Mr Darcy into my head? Is that why I sulk over not knowing when I will see Goldfinch again?

I think Jack is my Captain Wentworth. Goldfinch…he is probably a mix of Mr Wickham and Mr Darcy…the best bits of both rolled into one gorgeous package! Send your questions on a postcard.