May Your Dreams Come True

Loveourplanet, Earth, Journey, Travel

I am not afraid of being alone

Without wifi or a phone

For it doesn’t matter where I may be

I walk through life merrily

Since childhood I have been lifted by my dreams

They’re the reason my smile beams

They light up each day, help me sleep at night

My dreams are my guiding light

I’ve guarded them for years so they don’t fade

And many times I have prayed

I don’t dream of fame, fortune, power or wealth

Or anything for myself

All my hopes are for better times ahead

When no one feels any dread

The whole human family living in peace

When violence and wars cease

All of earth’s creatures are healthy and thrive

It feels great to be alive

My father has promised oh so much more

A grand future is in store

He will wipe out death, tears, sorrow and pain

We’ll see our loved ones again

The giver of life will heal every heart

And you too can have a part

This world offers nothing of greater worth

Than life in paradise earth

Soon the day when the whole human race cheers

And forget all of their tears

For years I’ve dreamt of that wonderful day

Former things have passed away

May your dreams come true before your own eyes

Keep them focused on the prize