Heart Breaking Over Here

I came home from work to find an email which broke my heart.

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In some ways, it is good I suppose. I have been wondering for weeks what would happen with the £900 flight to Australia I had booked. Everytime I asked my travel agent, they said it was too early and I would have to wait and see.

But now I know…

The email was short and sweet. It informed me that Qatar Airlines had cancelled the flight and I will receive a full refund. I should be relieved that the matter has been resolved without any stress. I should be glad I am going to get every penny back. I should be pleased that it will prevent me from putting my manager and colleagues at work under extra pressure because I am not disappearing during this intense time at work.

But all I feel is heartbreak. I have had my cry. This is me wanting to talk about  how I feel now. I will call a friend. I won’t call Jack. I don’t think he will like how sad I am that I now know for certain I won’t see Goldfinch. I will call another friend. Maybe I will call Goldfinch. Not right now…he will be asleep.

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I miss him so much! I have no idea when I am going to see him again. So so sad 😦

How will I get to him? How will I endure until the next time I see him? Sad lump in my throat. Heavy weight on my heart.

I know I keep featuring this song…but it is my Goldfinch song. It says so much of how I feel about him and his being on the opposite side of the planet.



Break, Eat, Picnic, Nature, RecoveryWordPress bloggers have been a tremendous force for good in recent months encouraging another to STAY AT HOME, STAY SAFE, STAY ALERT and FOLLOW THE DIRECTION FOR EVERYONE’S PROTECTION.

It is a joy to see the blogging community have all been doing their bit in helping each other through these hard times. We are very excited about an event ahead that we hope will help you to build more bonds with fantastic bloggers who make a great contribution to the delightful WordPress blogging community.

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In the last BAKE-OFF post, we told you about the BAKING CONTEST. But the second feature of THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 is:


Many of us are still having difficulties finding baking essentials at our supermarkets. We don’t want to leave anybody out of THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF, which is why we are also hosting a virtual picnic to coincide with the BAKING CONTEST.

If baking is not an option for you at the moment…or else you are not that keen on baking at all, could you bring along something else to our SUMMER PICNIC? It could be your homemade lemonade or sangria, it could be a dip like hummus or guacamole. Perhaps you make a fabulous coleslaw or potato salad. Indeed salads of every variety would be welcome because it is summer and we are all trying to be healthy.

We would love an international flavour to the SUMMER PICNIC. Do you make spring rolls? Tacos or fajitas? How about pakoras or bhajis? We would love any type of tapas, mezes or canapes. Pickles, chutneys, jams, curds or any other preserve are all welcome.

Undeniably all three of us have a sweet tooth, so we welcome sweet contributions. Do you make trifle or fruit jelly or any other sweet treats?

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What do we need you to do?

Please send a photo of your picnic creations so it can be featured in The Great Bloggers’ Bake-Off 2020 to:


It would be great if you could start making picnic treats now and send the photos in as soon as possible! But the BAKE-OFF and the SUMMER PICNIC will be held in just over seven weeks time. If you want to send us the recipe you followed or a story about what you chose to make, we love all of that. We want to share you as a blogger as well as your bake to the whole of WordPress!

Of course if you would like to create your own post about your picnic creation – please do so, and please mention THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC and invite your blogging buddies and followers to get involved.

(If you have any questions at all – please feel free to post your questions in the comments of any of our posts and we will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.)