You Make Me Want To Shout

On Air, Microphone, Radio, RecordingThere is this radio presenter on a radio show, well I think it maybe the entire radio station actually…I cannot explain how much I wish I did not have to hear it.

In the course of my working week, I sometimes work with a colleague who is great. Really really nice person. Very good at their work, great with staff and patients alike. However, this colleague really likes a radio presenter, on a radio show, on a radio station that is/are controversial, superior, critical and just – ugh!

Everytime I hear this guy wittering away with his cynical style, I want to run. I want to throw water over the radio. I want to to protest that we have to work with this guy draining to morale out of us.

Oh what to do! I don’t want to be a grumber. I really like my colleague. I just wish my colleaguee was not so keen on listening to one of the most annoying broadcasts there is.