Poets On WordPress

I have been buying books that other WordPress users have published during the past couple of years (I have been using WordPress for two years) and recently I started to develop a taste for perusing poetry collections.

These are some of the poetry books I have bought from Amazon, all published by users of WordPress (yes, I know I chose to sneak my own in their with them):


I know there are lots of WordPress users who write great poetry. Have you thought about publishing a collection of your poems? It is immensely satisfying to hold your own poetry book…I am sure these poets would tell you the same.

Have you already published a poetry book? Are you advertising it regularly? (Maybe once a month or so, don’t advertise it everyday or you will be kind of annoying.) If I have missed the fact that you have a poetry collection available to buy, could you mention it in the comments below this post please? I love supporting other writers.

By the way…I have more posts coming about the novels and non-fiction books from WordPress users I have already bought, so in this post, I am asking to hear from WordPress users who have published their poetry.

A Good Clear Out

Silhouette, Woman, Traveling, Waiting

I never travel without my diary.

One should always have something sensational to read on the train.”

– Oscar Wilde

I was having a bit of a clear out last night, and I found an old diary. I obviously started writing it within a year of being attacked, and then abandoned it after around thirty pages of misery.

I hardly remember that time. I was scratching my head trying to recall when it was I felt quite so low. The strange thing about reading it was that I was clearly very angry with Jack at that point. There are no details that help me pinpoint when I wrote those words. But from what I can make out, something was going wrong, and as a result of all of my sufferings, I blamed Jack.

That makes me think it was around the time I returned to London. My first job back in London did not last long…because my boss seemed to think he had hired me for reasons other than he had advertised in he job description. I bolted as almost as soon as I realized what he had on his mind. I think I wrote those angry words in that diary blaming Jack for the ridiculous challenges I was facing.

It’s a diary I think I need to throw away now. It serves no purpose to be reminded of a time when I felt such pain. Having a good sort out…clearing away the past…it feels good.