I Am An Ashley Peterson Fan

IMG_0042I have been spending time reading all of the books published by WordPress users that I have bought during the past few weeks. (There is a story behind the teddy – I will tell you another time.)

During the past year, I have bought and read three of Ashley’s books. You know Ashley, she is the creator of Mental Health @ Home. I think the book in the middle of these three was particularly special as it included some very insightful and moving accounts of contributors who had received various psychiatric diagnosis. But all three books bear the typical Ashley hallmark of thorough research and comprehensive, straightforward explanations and definitions.

I am sure that like me, many of you will have learnt from Ashley’s books. As well as her authoritative and immensely useful non-fictional publications, you will likely know Ashley runs a very popular WordPress blog with a variety of posts and regular features, all weaving with the mental health theme of her blog/website.


Personally, I am also very grateful to Ashley for all of her support and encouragement in my own writing journey. She has reviewed the first two parts of my LEARNERS AT LOVE series – which in my eyes is a light-hearted story of romance and friendship that is woven with mental health themes and lessons in life – all making an epic emotional journey.

I think Ashley, like a number of other very respected bloggers, has taught me a lot of lessons about blogging, supporting the blogging community and encouraging all to keep reaching out to gain more satisfaction from their writing.

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