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There’s A Party Going On

We’re all slightly confuzzled about recent guidance about parties – the direction is about as clear as mud this past week. But there is one thing we know – BLOGGING PARTIES ARE THE BEST!!!

Fireworks, People, Festival, Night, Wallpaper

This weekend THE BLOGGING PARTY you really need to drop into is on the fantastic blog LIFE’S SO COMPLICATED:

If you have never been to a blogging party, this is the perfect opportunity for you – introduce yourself in the comments and please do leave a link to one of your posts so that other bloggers can visit your site. It’s a fabulous chance to meet other fantastic bloggers.

Here in London it is 11:08pm – perfect time to be partying!!!


This week I was settling down after a long day of work, looking forward to an episode of Masterchef, when I realized the BBC had been tinkering wit their schedule. Ten minutes into a documentary showing that horrible footage from Tuesday 11th September 2001, I realized I was going to find it hard to sleep if I watched a minute more.

But a colleague of mine was raving about this particular documentary, which apparently was all about what it was like the be the President of the USA (one of the Bush family I believe) at the time of the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Honestly, I don’t think I can sit down and relive that day, we all remember that day, we all have those images ingrained on our minds.

Another colleague told me about a different documentary they had watched this week on PBS America – which showed the effect that day had on America. She told me it focused on the disturbing crimes “America” (or I should say those in authority) went on to commit as a result of that day.

I am not going to search out either documentary. I expect over the coming week or so there will be repeated broadcasts reminding the world of that day, and perhaps more discussion about the awful mess that has resulted.

But what stood out to me was the media – the media, the media, the media, add to that social media (which was not really a thing at all back in 2001) and it is like a horrible, sickening rollercoaster of strong emotions, gripping fear, seething anger, outright blame, extreme resentment and more.

You know – that day was probably the most impactful day our generation has ever seen. I am not always sure what to make of the various media coverage analysing that day and it’s aftermath. It is very hard to digest how much of a political quagmire resulted. It is hard to swallow the mess.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

The only thing that makes sense is that it was forecast that things like this would happen as a result of humans trying to go it alone. But the turbulence is sometimes ghastly to live through. Even when we live in a fairly quiet neighbourhood, the turbulence in the world is always there on our screens. It’s astonishing, and I think many people fear there is more turbulence brewing.

The longing to see a healed mankind, a human family at true peace, living life to the full, just gets stronger and stronger. The longing to see tears wiped away and smiles of deep joy. The longing to see the memories of trauma and terror faded away and replaced by trust and security.

So close to the pivotal chapter.

Calling Londoners!!

Three free tickets to attend The Royal Festival Hall this Saturday 4th September 2021 !

Yes, that is what our lovely blogging friend in Canada, the creator of Cyranny’s Cove is giving away for free. She was supposed to be in London this weekend, watching a performance by Danish rock band Mew, but the Pandemic has of course effected her travel plans.

So, rather than see the tickets go to waste, she is asking if anybody would like the three tickets for free. You probably know already that The Royal Festival Hall is on the South Bank, a stone’s throw from The London Eye. So it’s ideal for us crazy Londoners!

These two posts on Cyranny’s Cove will tell you all about her hopes that someone will be able to enjoy a fantastic performance from Mew. It is this coming weekend, so please do take the chance to snap up three free tickets for a very cool night out!

Our BAKE OFF Play List Is On Spotify

A while ago, I was in a training session with other volunteers, and one of the subjects was relating to work/life balance and coping with stress. They asked everyone in the group what they would do if they had an afternoon to themselves with no work waiting for them. Everyone gave a reply. The most popular answer was cooking or baking while listening to music, and some said they would have a glass of wine at the same time.

I already knew the pleasure that would bring, but it was interesting to me to realize how many of the volunteers I work with, some of them big tough guys who work on our construction projects, others who work in accounts, media, our legal department, translators, enjoyed being in their kitchen and creating something yummy while listening to music.

That is one of the reasons why it always seemed important to make sure that THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF was musical.

As you know – at the start of THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE, we asked you to tell us your favourite love song….and, well you did!!! Wow!!! You gave us an amazing list of love songs. Some of you sent your song choices via email, which is fine, I think we managed to note them all down.

Well….my friends who use these things more often than I do, have put together a Spotify playlist for the love songs we had listed from you. So…I am pleased to present THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE PLAYLIST!!!!

Music compiled by the great bloggers of WordPress!

Now, I really don’t know much about these things, so if you have any problems accessing it, will you let me know please, so can ask my friends to fix it! I am listening to the playlist right now and loving it!! It is yet another collaboration between bloggers – and one thing I know about love – it is so much better to be part of a choir who can raise the rooftops, that it is to be a diva. I think collaborations rock!!!

It has been so much fun working along with all of you on this year’s BAKE OFF. It’s not quite over. We are still looking forward to hearing the results from Jeanne, our special BAKE OFF Judge, and of course look out for our love letter to all of you!

But in the meantime, enjoy the playlist – and why not listen to it next time you have the kitchen to yourself and are able to enjoy trying some of the recipes bloggers have shared this weekend!

Who Will Be The 2021 Star Baker Be?

We are all very excited as our special BAKE OFF Judge Jeanne (A Jeanne In The Kitchen) is preparing the results of THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE!

Did you see Jeanne’s post earlier?


Make sure you look out for Jeanne’s post sharing with us the answer to the question everybody is wondering? Who will be the 2021 Star Baker?

A Very Special And Heart Warming Collaboration

Behind the scenes of this year’s GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF, scores of bloggers have been helping us with a secret project. In fact, we now know that at least one hundred people have taken part in this project, and we think others (friends, family and colleagues of those we invited to take part) – making this special project a truly international collaboration.

Very soon, we are about to reveal the results of a collaboration between over a hundred men, women and children (and also dogs), the majority of whom have never met each other. The collaborators are spread all over the world, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North and South America, even two of our colleagues in Kabul have collaborated on this project.

Some of you know exactly what we are referring to, others may be wondering what it is that we have been working on behind the scenes. Well, in an hour from now, we are going to publish what we call THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ PATCHWORK OF LOVE. It will display over a hundred replies to one question that we asked people of all ages, all backgrounds and in all parts of the globe.

The question we asked them was:

The result, the patchwork we are now thrilled to be able to present to you is something that has truly warmed our hearts.

We left everyone we asked to interpret that question however they wished. Some told us what love feels like inwardly. Some told us about how love manifests itself outwardly. Others told us what or who they love. Some gave us just a one word answer – “family” of course being by far the post popular. Others gave us a fascinating sentence. One or two, were unable to stick to the one sentence limit we asked of them. So, because what they said was so special, we decided to try to squeeze their response into the patchwork.

But the point is – there are no wrong answers. We received replies from over a hundred people in all parts of the earth telling us what love means to them. When one person told me that to them “love is money”, at first my heart sunk. But I realized, it would be wrong to leave that reply out, it has to be in the patchwork. All of the replies had to be in the patchwork.

You will see a variety of replies, which tell a story. You will see common themes. You will see that some seemed to think when we asked what love meant to them, we were asking about romance, others interpreted the question completely differently. Every single reply matters! Over one hundred strangers sharing their heart – that’s an insight into the entire human family!

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com

Actually, it has become quite fascinating. They have created something very special between them, something that will make you smile, warm your heart, and in some cases provoke tears. We have been faffing around with graphics for several days now and the patchwork is finally ready!!! The result is a powerful creative piece. Take your time over it. Over a hundred people, a hundred beating hearts, worked on this project with you, and it has produced something exceptional!

A Dubious Duo Dabbling In…Baking And Poetry!!

We now have a world exclusive for you, not even our special BAKE OFF judge Jeanne has seen this yet! I am a little scared myself! But in the spirit of fun – which is what this weekend is all about – here is something we hope will make you smile!

We have already featured three amazing WordPress poets this weekend:

Gentleman Dave (The Poet’s Kiss) – Recipe For Love Cake

Puman (paeansunpluggedblog ) – Love Is A Piece Of Cake

Kristian (Tales From The Mind Of Kristian) – Love And Cake

At very short notice, we found ourselves with a slight scheduling issue this weekend, and not knowing who we could ask at the very last minute to think up a poem for the BAKE OFF. Yet, wanting to keep to the plan of having a least two poems each day, with the clock ticking, a rather dubious duo teamed up to try to produce a poem – of sorts – to commemorate their baking adventures in the name of the WordPress community!

Yes…if you have not guessed already, Gary and Mel have ventured into the world of verse and between them have actually written a poem.! Please don’t look so scared! It’s not as terrible as I was expecting it to be when we set out. It even rhymes!

Gary and Hawklad were coming all the way down from Yorkshire for afternoon tea 
But when Mel looked in the fridge there was nothing but cabbage and an old piece of brie 
After rustling up some up some loose change and running down to the shops she  was all sweaty 
Her panic passed when she found all the ingredients for a caramel betty

But Mel would soon need to panic as they arrived with homemade weaponised baking 
Cream scones resembling hand grenades just handling would a dangerous undertaking 
An angry Nettle spongecake so full of attitude that it had tattoos and a pair of bovver boots 
And don’t mention the Soufflé with a half life of thousand years as it continues to pollute 

Red-faced Mel carved her congealed custard, and then offered her guests one lump or two 
Over burnt apple filling, a soggy bottom, and caramel like superglue 
While sampling each others cakes, they laughed and reminisced of baking memories in youth 
Until Mel turned to Gary and cried, "Your concrete cream scones have broken my front tooth!"  

So Gary’s fine baking went in the bin, Mel’s shattered  tooth was the final straw 
Time for Mel’s signature sponge cake, good job we had a pick axe and chainsaw 
So an afternoon of undercooked and burnt offerings, the only edible food, the cherries 
Which just goes to show, we all should have just stuck with Cookie Dough from Ben and Jerry’s 

Please don't take this personally Gary, I truly would not want this to sound mean 
But the next time we have an afternoon tea party, we really should invite Jeanne 
I think we both need to practice our kitchen skills, if we hope to improve our bakes 
And learn from other great bloggers to avoid injuring each other with our cakes

Yes….Gary and Mel have traversed from the world of baking into the world of poetry – scary isn’t it!!!!

Loving Tea and Cake Together Again!

It’s ten o’clock here in England, which means of course – poetry hour!! It is time for another of our very special poets who have penned wonderful poems inspired by THE 2021 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF FESTIVAL OF LOVE!

Yesterday, our special guest poets were:

Gentleman Dave (The Poet’s Kiss) – “Recipe For Love Cake


Puman (Paeansunpluggedblog) – “Love Is A Piece Of Cake

Yesterday, I somehow managed to link the wrong poem when we featured Puman as our special guest poet! I don’t know how I managed to make such a silly mistake! But please do visit the correct poem. Puman has really honoured us by penning this stunning poem for the BAKE OFF, and I do feel sad I let her down.

Please do visit their sites and read their wonderful heart warming poems!

Our next special guest poet is our dear friend Kristian, the creator of Tales From The Mind Of Kristian, who has penned a poem that really touched our hearts. What a tough time we have had as in so many parts of the world, we were protected those we love by observing stay at home mandates. There is no denying that it was challenging for so many of us. After many months of sacrifices, many of us have started to be able to enjoy the chance to meet together again.

Surely we will never take for granted the importance of being with our loved ones, sharing tea and cake with them, as well as lots of hugs!!

Kristian’s delightful poem “Love And Cake” is like the warmest hug! We love it. We are just sharing the first two lines with you here, because we would love you to visit Kristian’s site to read the entire poem!

It’s that time of year again

When thoughts turn to something tasty


You can read the whole of Kristian’s charming poem “Love And Cake” by clicking the link below which will take you straight to his site: