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Blogging Interactions

How do you address those who read the posts you publish on your blog? Some of them may know you in real life, others may be complete strangers. Some of them perhaps randomly stumble across your blog and never return, others stick with you as you stick with them and friendly feelings grow as you share your thoughts/feelings, your creativity and all sorts of other interesting things.

I don’t think I start any of my posts with an adress of any kind. I just start writing, I have seen others start a post with expressions like “Good Morning Friends”…or “Dear Fellow Bloggers”…or “Hello World”. None of these bother me, and in a way they are quite sweet. But the other day, I was tired, and hot and sweaty, and a little grumpy because Jack had left for his flight….and I read a post from a blogger I was following who had started their post with the following:

“Hello Fans”

Photo by Vinu00edcius Caricatte on Pexels.com

…and it really irritated me. Perhaps that is because I have such a massive dislike of “celebrity culture”. Anyway…in my opinion, that is no way to start a blog post.

The Krypton Factor

… some of you may remember a television show called “The Krypton Factor”. It was a sort of game show for very clever noggins. There was a variety of tasks, some more practical than others…but most of the show was geared to academic or logic oriented challenges.

“The Krypton Factor” hasn’t been on air for many years, but it is such a big part of my early years that whenever we have an awkward task to carry out, I always find myself saying…”this is just like the Krypton Factor”…at which point everyone under the age of thirty looks blank.


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Not Naturally A Planner

Like many of you, I really enjoy the questions posed in the daily Cyranny’s Quickie posts. Recently, one question caused me quite a lot of reflection about how much I have changed:

Since I was a child I have heard the phrase “have a schedule”, and perhaps I heard it too much, because I came to hate it. For a long long time, I resisted this notion, wanting to be more of a free spirit perhaps.

Yet, I have learnt two things:

  • having some form of schedule is a very wise idea because it helps you to make better use of time (“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of.” – BENJAMIN FRANKLIN)
  • be purposeful – which includes being flexible and reasonable as it is often difficult to keep to a rigid schedule when all sorts of things can crop up, but being purposeful means you can adjust to unexpected challenges (“The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft astray.” – ROBERT BURNS)
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Which brings me to my point….I absolutely love the SCHEDULE feature that WordPress offers. It has been something I have depended on for the past few years. I don’t have time on a daily basis to write, so when I do have an hour to myself, I can write five or six posts and schedule them to be published. I also have plenty in my drafts folder than can be scheduled when I am really short on time.

But sometimes, things seem to go wrong with my WordPress SCHEDULE. I tend to publish my posts at the same time each day….only because experienced bloggers have recommended consistency. The time I have chosen is about 90 minutes before my alarm clock goes off. It means than when I turn my alarm clock off, I can have a quick peak at the BBC News headlines, and check on the post that was published on my WordPress site. Normally, 90 minutes after it goes live, there are a handful of “likes” which is always encouraging.

This morning, I had a SCHEDULE failure. The post I had scheduled for today was nowhere to be seen. It turned out to be my fault. There is a big difference between AM and PM – a whole twelve hours! So, I tweaked it and now it will be published tomorrow instead.

The Romance Between An Insta-Addict And A Wordy-Presser

Jack is at it again. I cooked some nice things, and baked some even nicer things over the weekend because some good friends of ours came over to work with us. I made some pretty decent nosh. All ate and enjoyed and as the chef/baker it was a very satisfying experience.

But then it all became rather weird when my sister texted me to say that the cake I had baked looked amazing. I was confused for a while…and then I realized….


He just cannot help himself. He had taken photographs of the food I had prepared and posted it on to his Instagram account.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

As somebody who does not use Instagram or other social media platforms, I find that just completely bizarre. How do I feel that Jack’s hundreds of thousands of followers can see my cooking/baking? I am glad that he made no mention of me. He just posted the photos on their own. But still….

We had a little chat about it in the evening and I did tell him that I just find it odd. I might not find it as odd if it was on a smaller scale – like a private group on WhatsApp or something. But no, his public Instagram account. Jack asked me why I share my thoughts on WordPress. I confessed there is some kind of satisfaction from putting things out there, even though it is mostly complete strangers who see what I have to share. Jack said that sharing my innermost thoughts in the public domain is much odder than sharing photos of cake and dinner with strangers.

He has a very good point. Which is why I should listen to him and be reasonable. He enjoys communicating with people who are interested in his activities. A lot of what he posts is very positive – community, national and international projects he is involved in. He shares things he knows will make other people smile and feel good. He finds that satisfying. He has lots of feedback – way more than I or any other blogger receive through WordPress. He enjoys all of that.

The two of us have different opinions and feelings about social media – but I need to respect and love him because he has found a positive way to use it. Even though I may not really like the idea that all those strangers saw my cooking/baking….I love that Jack felt so proud of what I had made he wanted to share it. I perhaps ought to be flattered that by the end of the day there were tens of thousands of likes on the image of the cake I baked.

I have a very strong dislike of social media….but I do love Jack who seems to enjoy social media in a way I find odd…but he loves me even though he finds it odd that I enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings on WordPress in a way that he finds odd.

The answer is – it must be love, love, love.

The Dog Ate My Homework Sir

I woke up this morning and realized there was no post on my blog. The truth is I had forgotten. There were all sorts of reasons I forgot:

  • It has been another busy weekend
  • I was tired after three exhausting days at paid work
  • I typed out what was supposed to be a quick email but became a very long email last night
  • My period started last night and I started having tummy cramps
  • My sister called me just before I was about to go to sleep
  • Jack wanted to talk about something – something deep

Yes, I know it sounds like I am offering excuses as to why I did not turn in my homework on time. I feel like a rebel at school.

Photo by Almighty Shilref on Pexels.com

I didn’t mind there not being a post on my site, although I generally keep to a daily post nowadays. I was a little annoyed with myself because I have scores of drafts all ready to be published on days when I don’t have time or inspiration to write.

Still let’s relax – here in the UK, it is a Bank Holiday Monday – we are working. But I am happy about that – we are doing what we love. Now it is time for breakfast and coffee, and then we are heading out.

Enjoy your day!

Where Does The Time Go?

I was sort of aware that we were coming to that time…but here we are! The little notification popped up….yes…it is true…

….it is the 4 year anniversary for…

CARAMEL (Learner At love)

How did that happen???

What a journey it has been! In four years there have been so many highlights, including:

  • Lots of SHARE YOUR WORLD posts
  • Lots of those BLOGGING AWARD posts
  • Lots of posts in response to the amazing A GUY CALLED BLOKE’s (Rory) challenges
  • Lots and lots and lots of SONG LYRIC SUNDAY posts
  • Posts in response to picture prompts, word prompts, provocative question prompts and so many other prompts which amazing bloggers host
  • I helped to co-host three GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFFS
  • I published three novels and one poetry book on Amazon – which I never ever ever imagined when I started blogging

…and so much more!

The highlight of blogging has always been the comments, and I feel sad that as demands have multiplied on my time, I have found it harder and harder to respond to the lovely comments from other bloggers.

But what a personal journey this past four years have been. I just want to remind you that this blog started out as CRUSHED CARAMEL. When I started out writing, I was estranged from Jack. We had not spoken for years. Four years later, I am engaged to marry him.

lol – how did that happen?

And of course, I do not want to forget my beloved Goldfinch. I started writing at a time I was head over heels in love with him. The truth is I always will be. But some of you may recall….2019 was an eventful year for me. My trip to Australia….and then the sudden crossing paths with Jack.



Greenland Has Turned Green!

I don’t often look at the statistics…but I noticed some “unusual” activity the other day. Somebody in a small country had read apparently viewed (not liked) about two hundred of my posts in one day.

Why not? It is generally good stuff. But what I noticed in my perusal of this odd spike in my stats, is that Greenland had turned green recently. It has been white for a very long time. Sometime in the past year, somebody in Greenland viewed my posts.

There are other lands where nobody has read a word I have written, but as many bloggers who have been on WordPress for a few years know, acquiring a green Greenland on your statistics map really is something to be excited about.

Right…We’ll Agree To Disagree Then

I am glad to report that while I was away, I did have a little more time than usual to rest – which frankly I needed. But there is only so much time you can remain unconscious for.

So, I also had a little look at some of the parts of my WordPress blog site that I have neglected at times. The most amusing/disturbing of these was the old COMMENTS section. It never ceases to amaze me that out there, people will sit and think up bizarrely absurd comments.

Women, Girls, Friends, Friendship, Chat

I am so glad that WordPress have some sort of scanning system in place and that most of the absurd comments end up in the spam section. 95% of these spam comments mention two particular items that I would never ever endorse or condone, so thank goodness WordPress feels the same way I do.

However, there were one or two rather frightening ones….one particularly concerning. Some plonker seemed to be trying to link “intimate” images of themselves (or who knows who) to one of my posts. Which if they had succeeded in any way, I believe I could now report as a crime. “Cyber-flashing” is apparently going to have stricter legal punitive measures.

Then there was another person who decided to tell moi, someone who has been working for the NHS under the most preposterous conditions throughout the Pandemic that although they had tested positive for covid, they were going to ignore all the protective measures asked of us, and take themselves off to a social gathering to circulate with others.

This is just a suggestion – but when commenting, is it not better to know who you are talking to before you launch your opinion or make a completely inappropriate comment? Or….if you want to leave a comment on the blog of a complete stranger, perhaps we can agree to stick to the very best of manners.