Far Greater Than Any Challenge

I published a post a while ago about the mind-boggling amount of energy that is needed to create matter – the stuff you and I and the universe are all made of. I know not everyone sees things in the same way…and I never wish to ridicule those who do not draw the same conclusions after their research.

To me it is awe-inspiring – awe is not a word the English use often…but there is no better word really! I totally understand why for many, what they observe and are deeply moved by, causes them to want to pay reverence towards whoever it is they believe is behind these staggering displays of dynamic power.

I believe the picture prompt from The Haunted Wordsmith is a nebula. I  am not sure which. I don’t think it is the Eagle nebula, or the Horse-head nebula, or the Cone nebula. The closest match I can find is the Carina nebula…but if there are any astronomers out there, please correct me if I am wrong.

As I have said before, I wish I knew more!


Life is not supposed to be an endless struggle from cradle to coffin

Though there may be challenges that may now seem insurmountable

Though your tears may burn hot and salty and sore

Though the gloom and turmoil of this world make your heart heavy

There is Someone for whom nothing is impossible

Far greater than any challenge, no damage He cannot undo

There is no enemy, not even death, that He cannot conquer and reverse

I am convinced that in the future, life on earth will be better than any of us can imagine


…though there may be dark pages ahead…the best is yet to come…




9 thoughts on “Far Greater Than Any Challenge”

  1. That is the carina nebula 🙂 aka Mystic Mountain. It’s a star nursery and the pillar is three-light-years tall. That’s about twice the distance of our entire solar system.

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