Only 114 Days To Go!

Today was dark…it was grey and damp. Was it raining? I don’t know, but I ended up soaked to the skin when I went shopping. Moist air was coming at me from all directions.

I found out today that Goldfinch has to go away again this weekend…which means, the next time I see him, will be the day before he flies out to Australia. That was a heart-sinking piece of news, I have to admit.

However, on the brighter side I picked up my train tickets to North Wales today – that last week of December is something I am really looking forward to. I might be going up Snowdon on Boxing Day – I love the nutcases in my brother-in-law’s family who would want to do that. I am really keen at the moment. My sister is worried because I had breathing difficulties so recently. The thing is, it’s not exertion that causes my brain to play up. My consultant said he would be happy for me to return to basketball if it were not for the risk of receiving a blow to the head. Hmm. I would love to go up Snowdon on Boxing Day!!

handsoapI received two parcels today from friends, one was posh hand-soap and posh hand-cream. I say “posh” because there is no way on earth I would ever pay £18 for a bottle of hand-soap and £20 for a bottle of hand cream – yes I looked at the website just now, I should not have. The other was some lovely gloves…I am very pleased because it is getting cold. Cold, dark, grey and damp. Gloves are highly appreciated indeedy!

I made three litres of butternut squash soup today. Most of that is now in the freezer. I ironed and did some office work for my employer (I do a lot of different tasks to help them run both their business and their domestic home) But my working day is not over yet! I have finished one job, but I am heading out now to another job…I have three hours to go, so I should be back home before 11pm…

Aaaaah! I saw the picture prompt for today from The Haunted Wordsmith and all I could think of was spring! I had an idea for a story. But I am not going to have the time to do it justice, so I will save my idea for another time. Instead I am going to say how much I am counting the days, longing for this gloomy, shivery, soggy time of year to be over and for spring to appear again. It’s only around 114 days until Spring!

Too Close For Comfort

I had a surprise on Monday night.

I was scrolling through a considerably larger number of bloggers than normal due to my determination to crack Rory’s cryptic clues for his incredibly tough “Guess The Blogger” candidate:

By the way – we need all the help we can get! Rory has really made this one hard and I am losing my wits trying to discover the identity of the mystery blogger.

The surprise I had came when I was typing into my Search bar in the WordPress Reader all sorts of combinations and I suddenly saw a face that looked familiar. I clicked onto the blogsite and was surprised to find Jack’s mother. Jack who I used to live with –  my ex-flatmate – yes the one who crushed Caramel!

I frequently met with his parents. In fact I still remember the first time Jack introduced me to his father. I was crossing the road and Jack was helping his father with his suitcase (his parents had come to stay for a few days). I was going to walk straight past, but Jack called me over and seemed very eager to introduce me to his father.

I also remember having dinner with Jack and his parents. In fact, I rang Jack and told him I didn’t feel I could go through with it because so many people were talking about he and I and that if we were seen (which of course we were seen and yes it was all over social media) there would be even more talk. Jack pleaded with me and assured me that everything would be fine. But when we were actually at dinner it became obvious that his mother did not seem to like me at all. She would not make eye-contact with me and she kept on making rather sarcastic comments about man-hunters. But everyone told me she has always been very protective of Jack and is very suspicious of women who want to bag her son.

Whereas Jack’s father was absolutely wonderful to me. He was a true gentleman and was always friendly and kind, even Jack was being very strange with me. Jack’s father is down-to-earth and just plain nice! I guess I can understand her caring for her son and being a bit menacing towards single women. If Jack had opened up to her about his perceptions of me, maybe she would feel hostile towards me – I will never know!

Hmm. I know she is a writer. I even bought one of her books a long time ago. It never occurred to me that she might be blogging and coincidentally also using WordPress. I had a look at her posts. I was scared to like any of them. It felt rather strange seeing her photos of the family – I have met all of the family, and yet, with things being the way they are, I just did not at all feel right viewing them. And there is no way I am going to follow her. What if she connects my posts with her son? I am afraid ! Very afraid!

I do wish Jack and I could make peace. I am so eager to write more about Jack. But I want to wait until after Goldfinch has left. He was rather upset with me a few months ago because he felt as if I am never going to get over Jack. I don’t want anything to ruin my time with Goldfinch before he leaves.