Disappointed And Disillusioned

Have you ever felt really disappointed in someone? Perhaps you were shocked by something they did, and were confused as it did not seem in character with the person you thought you knew?


I have had that experience recently and it has left me rather bewildered. I have no idea where this is going to leave our friendship in all honesty. (No, I am certainly not talking about Goldfinch!)

We all make mistakes, I know. But when someone had painted a picture of themselves a certain way, and then goes onto show over a course of time that they are not at all what they had originally made out they were.

I am left feeling really disillusioned with them. I keep wanting to say: “I don’t know you.” I have lost faith in this person. How to find a kind and tactful way to say, “I really do not trust you any longer.” Hmm.