The Haunted Wordsmith Has Nominated Me For The From The Heart Award

I have been nominated by Teresa aka The Haunted Wordsmith for the “FROM THE HEART AWARD”, as you can see from her post below:

In Teresa’s own words:

The From the Heart award is awarded to bloggers who

share bits and bobs of their life,

their passion,

and their heart

through their blogs.”

From the Heart

Now, I have to say, this is one award I really like and feel delighted with because it suits my blog-site down to the ground. Like it or not, that is just about what you are going to get from me in a nut-shell: bits and bobs about my life!

I love reminiscing over all the special events and people that have shaped me. I feel so so proud to introduce you to wonderful members of my family and friends who have been making my life a sheer joy to this day.

I am sure that you have noticed I do tend to reveal my passion and my heart…and for many months a lot of that has been in connection with the gorgeous Goldfinch. You may have already seen them, but these are a few posts that spilled out of my heart recently:

More to come…you will probably see lots of posts as my heart comes to terms with Goldfinch flying away to Australia soon.

Now there are some lovely bloggers who are also sharing bits and bobs of their life, their passion and their heart in their posts. So I am going to nominate three for THE “FROM THE HEART AWARD”.

My nominees: