Crushed Caramel Confessions


Will you confess to the rest of us???

I am going to make a start on my own post with my response to Sarah’s weekly writing prompt, but I can tell it is going to take me a while to finish this post. Crushed Caramel confessions are not easy you know!

So I wondered, in the meantime, would you lovely bloggers help me out by taking up this confession challenge?

Please feel free to write a post in response to this week’s writing prompt from SarahElizabethMoore and link to her original post below:

8 thoughts on “Crushed Caramel Confessions”

    1. It’s funny you mention them – I had a major misunderstanding about Santa.

      I was told there was no Santa at a very young age. But on one occasion I came down stairs in the morning to find wrapped up presents in our living room. I asked where they had come from and my brother laughed and said “Father Christmas – where do you think? Duh!” (They had actually come from our grandparents, but we had fallen asleep in the back of the car so had not seen them giving these gifts to out parents for us).

      My gift was wonderful, it was a musical toy that I fell in love with. I walked around in turmoil after that for some time. I could not understand that Father Christmas could be so nice that he brought gifts, even though I did not think he existed.

      I was way too gullible and trusting. It took me a lot longer to realize when my brother was teasing me.

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    1. I must admit, I was very suspicious of what people told me. At a very young age I started asking questions and asked for truthful answers…I was not going to be fobbed off. My parents had to give me encyclopedias, science books, religious books well beyond my age because I was very hungry to understand. I could not bear anyone trying to fill my head with fairies and wizards. I wanted to be told the truth. If I heard any adults repeat something I knew was not true I eyed with them with mistrust after that.

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