Goldfinch happened to mention something that was distressing him in a text message. Now I do know he is making sure he is enjoying himself. That is important to his life – making sure he enjoys all that life has to offer.

But no matter how much you enjoy life, there are always challenges – some little, some large to deal with.

It’s just that him even using the word “distressing” sent my emotions into a whirl. I love this man – the thought of him being distressed about anything and feeling so utterly helpless because of the distance is hard!

All I want to do is hold him. If there was anything I could do to resolve the situation for him quickly so that he didn’t have to worry, I would.

But all I can do is send him beautiful messages of love. I am sending him messages telling him about some of what I enjoyed with my family when I was up in the North of Wales and England during the holidays.

10,100 miles is hard today! As I have mentioned I am alright everyone – don’t be worrying about me. But oh my goodness – the thought of Goldfinch being distressed about anything – little or large – I can’t tell you the yearning I feel to be able to hold him tight and make everything alright. It is distressing to me to think of him as distressed!


Happiest Of Thoughts

Sending the happiest of thoughts from a heart brimming over with precious memories…

…to the Goldfinch ten thousand one hundred miles away

…and ten an a half hours ahead of me.


Even when you are far far away

You make me glad at the thought of your happy heart

Though I may never see you again

No power on earth could truly force us apart