Is Once A Week Enough To Satisfy Him And Me?

How often is too often? Is once a week enough? It’s nowhere near enough for me. But I am worried that even just once a week might be too much for him. I don’t want him to feel I am demanding! But I could easily be at it every evening as soon as I came home from work, if only he would not become weary of me. What do you think?

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How many e-mails can I really send to Goldfinch without becoming annoying? Because I really really don’t him to find me annoying!

I would more than happily send him a long e-mail every day or several shorter ones. But I don’t think he wants that. I think it would quickly become a chore to him to read my messages.

I already know he is going to be an abysmal penpal – I made him promise that at least once every six months he will send me a line to let me know he is alive! But in truth, I am longing to hear from him more often. Longing! Longing to hear a little about his time with his parents and siblings during the holidays, his move back into his house – which he will have to share with some of his tenants – and his new job.

I also want to know about how he his spending his Australian summer. Is he out walking along the Sturt Gorge? Is he taking photographs? Will he send me some pictures so I can picture him?

Is he visiting all the places near home that he loves? Is he glad to be back with the familiar? Is he glad to be back with Australian shops and flavours? Does he miss England at all? Well, not the weather of course. Does he love not having to put on lots of layers of clothing?

Is he soaking up the sunshine? Does he go down to the beach? If he does, who does he go with? Is he wearing his thongs – which is what he calls flip-flops – that always made me giggle. He packed his thongs in his hand luggage don’t you know!

Did his extra suitcase that he had to send via freight arrive safely? Is he meeting up with other gamers (board games not gambling)? Is he spending lots of time with his son? Did ever I mention Goldfinch has a son? It is his son’s birthday soon. Is he catching up with friends?

Is he meeting pretty women and inviting them out for a drink? Has he heard from other friends in England as often or more often as he is hearing from me? Does he have a car yet? Did he buy crystal for his sister as a Christmas gift? Did she give him cheese?

Does he have any idea how much I miss him? Is there an address where I can post a hand-written letter or send him a gift?

I have been asked out by a Doctor I used to work with. I told him it was much too soon. How does Goldfinch feel? When will it feel like the right time? Sooner for him than for me I am sure.

I have also been asked by my ex if I will meet him for lunch after the holidays (a short and sweet relationship that did not work because he lives for money and all it buys and I don’t…he only liked me for physical reasons and I was not happy, he made me very uncomfortable actually). I think I might go for lunch with him, because I know nothing is going to stir up any feelings for him within me. He is the polar opposite of the kind of man who makes me feel nice inside. But he has always been fairly good with practical advice. He has a very sharp mind.

When I was in North Wales, I was chatting to a lovely bloke who sadly lost his wife to illness around four years ago. I have not seen him for around six years. But we chatted together for a couple of hours and he asked for my number. I want to talk to Goldfinch and ask his advice on everything.

But I don’t want to be a burden to him – ever. That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t beg him to stay. Because I would have become a burden to him with my head injuries.

I love him don’t you know! Does he really have any idea how much I love him? I don’t feel once enough is ever going to be enough to satisfy me. But I am worried, I don’t want it to be too often for him.

24 thoughts on “Is Once A Week Enough To Satisfy Him And Me?”

  1. It may sound tough, and it will be tough, but I completely agree with Sadje. Once-a-week means he has something to look forward to, and he will be thinking of you in absence and anticipation. We all love you and love your posts, but I might also consider reducing the number of Goldfinch-centric posts to us – I fear they might only reinforce your sadness. You will get through, you know, and we are all with you. XXX

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    1. Once a week it shall be I guess.
      It’s hard to stop thinking and talking and writing about someone who has made me so very happy. I guess I am clinging to that happiness until some other source of happiness catches up with me.
      Goldfinch has sent me some lovely messages already – so he is turning out not to be such a bad penpal after all!
      Too busy to be sad at the moment…just love thinking of him.
      Thank you for your very very lovely message!

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  2. I think Goldfinch knows you pretty well by now. Maybe you should discuss this openly with him. I’ve had a couple of long distance relationships, and guessing what the other one wants has never been the solution to anything.

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    1. Thank you!
      You are right. I think he and I have always been pretty good at communicating…I don’t want to start guessing how he feels.
      What we have talked about…technically he and I are free to make the most of any opportunities (including for romance) that come our way on the side of the planet we live on. So I know when we said goodbye…it is not really with any hope of plan of a future.
      It is a funny situation to be in. In love with someone you have no idea if you will ever see again. So I am going to do my best to be the penpal of his dreams – the penpal he never knew he needed!

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      1. That’s the spirit!!
        I know how hard it can be to love someone you had the chance to spend an amazing time with, knowing you might never meet anymore. I feel for you, but I am sure you’ll find the way to make the most out of the difficult situation.
        You and Goldfinch might not be physically together, but sometimes, it gives you the chance to develop a much stronger and deeper relationship… I wish you just that for the new year to come! *hugs*


  3. Not quite the same but when Andrea and I were friends (she lived in Michigan. Royal Oak initially and later Rochester) we’d exchange emails at least once a week and chat on MSN messenger. So I would say in a romantic set up about three times

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    1. Thank you Melissa! 🙂
      It has been a wonderful week with family and close friends. I have lots planned with friends during the next few weeks too. But I guess I will always miss someone who has made me so happy.


    1. I would love to!
      Goldfinch is with his parents though until he moves into his own home. One of his tenants was moving out around now and then Goldfinch planned to move in and wait and see what happens with his other tenants.

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  4. I was actually thinking about something along the lines of this today. “Clinginess” most guys think of it as a burden. I’ve always thought it’s a sign of just how much a woman really likes, loves and thinks about a man.

    Guys would actually get mad at my then girlfriend because she’d call me often and text. I had no qualms. She took the time to talk and text me it let me know she’s not out doing shenanigans and she actually is into me!

    So, after my rant here, I completely understand your insecurities. But your excitement over him should be his beckoning signal that he has a good woman!

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  5. I had a long distance relationship, she moved to the States to continue her life, we wrote letters, me so more than her and I sent her mix tapes, I must have wrote 1 or 2 long ones a week, she wrote me less and we spoke on the phone a fair amount, but gradually it petered out, that really upset me for over a year I spent my time not looking at other women, happy in my own sadness, but gradually it got better, I became more chatty, sorted myself out mentally and got myself back on the road. I still think about her sometimes, not yearning to be with her again because I am happy where I am now, just pleasant warm thoughts, and that makes me smile because of the 18 months we had together. t sounds tough for you, but you’ve got the memories which may not seem much now, but hopefully given time, they will be an enormous comfort to you.


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