Just Put It All On Teresa’s Credit Card

They do say that there is more happiness in giving than receiving. I am sure many of you are having just as much fun as I am at giving gifts to other bloggers who have cheered you up many a time this year. This was all started by Teresa, aka The Haunted Wordsmith.

I have recently received a gift from Suze Suze, the creator of suziland too or obsolete childhood which was a very fitting contribution to my elongated goodbye homage to my beloved Goldfinch:


“…To Mel over at CrushedCaramel…

 who is having a truly difficult time saying goodbye to her beloved canary…

or is it a GoldFinch?…”


Well my first gift this time round is going to the britchy one the britchy one, the creator of  Bitchin’ in the Kitchen. Not only does she make me laugh all the time, she has a very sweet caring side to her and has often taken the time to send me a very kind message to cheer me up. Recently she has exalted me, giving me the special epitaph “the Caramel goddess” – which is a clear promotion from “the Caramel Queen” another blogger labelled me as some time ago.

Well, since the secret is out about my high up connections, I might as well flaunt it by being generous in my gift-giving. So to lovely Britchy I thought I would give a holiday home in Tenerife. It is big enough to take her whole family, if she chooses, and cats. Although, I would not advise letting the cats wander too far from the villa.

During your stays there, every morning the bakery next door will deliver fresh churros for breakfast:



My second gift would be for HistorianRuby HistorianRuby, the creator of HistorianRuby: An Historian’s Miscellany. Ruby’s site is full of fascinating posts about historical people, places, and events that have all had a knock-on effect to life as we know it today. She clearly loves to research and publishes beautiful posts that are an absolute joy to read.

I thought of giving Ruby The Time Machine from H.G. Wells, but I believe another blogger has already gifted it. So I am going to go one better. You probably know that in the “Back To The Future” movies, most of the time travel is done in the DeLorean car. However, right at the end of the third movie after the DeLorean is destroyed, the future of time travel appears – a train that has been modified for time travel. I think Ruby would know just what to do with this gift and I am sure she would write amazing posts as a follow up to her adventures!

And to enjoy with her family, I also give to Ruby some vintage wine from Teresa’s wine-cellar (what you have never heard about Teresa’s wine cellar before?):


I also saw something I wanted to give to Melanie B Cee Melanie B Cee, the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind. Melanie is also a blogger who frequently cheers me up with very lovely comments.

I saw something that made me think of Hunny Dog:

However, Hunny Dog is not a blogger, it is just a little extra thrown in as I am putting all of this on Teresa’s credit card. For Melanie, I wanted to make sure that she had a matching boudoir so that Hunny Dog does not have nicer digs than Melanie.

I was also thinking that you are often busy with various commitments and appointments and you have at times had to deal with incompetent drivers who park in the wrong places etc. So I thought one of these royal sedan chairs may help:


From now on whenever you need to go out, just click your fingers and a complimentary team of well built muscular young men will appear, and they will carry you anywhere you need to go. They do need feeding though Melanie – they eat a lot – but since you are so great at looking after Hunny Dog, I am sure you will be able to feed your new “wheels”. They would be extremely happy with your sandwiches or home-made pizza!

When you don’t need them to carry the sedan chair, the guys are very helpful around the house. I have personally trained all of them in all house-keeping duties.

From now on, you will be given respect from others on the public highways. Parking will never be an issue again, as the sedan chair can be taken inside most buildings. They can take you right inside the building you are going to. They are not great on the stairs though, this model does not fit inside an average sized elevator. (Although it does just about fit into a maintenance elevator – but why would you want to travel in a maintenance elevator?)


There we go…that’s enough giving for one day!