Do You Even Know What A Triple Salchow Is?

We are all at it again! Rory says: THREE…? and we cannot resist responding! Well, here is my triple Salchow for Rory:

Name Three …


Cold things?





Hot things?

Vegetarian Vindaloo

Steaming cup of tea

And of course…Goldfinch


Boy’s Names beginning with Z?




I have male friends/colleagues with the above names – although I think Ziggy is a nickname. Still!


Countries beginning with the letter G?





Animals species that begin with the letter P?




(A blogger likened me to a panther recently – I took it as a compliment – I think it means I have a smooth, seductive mystique? I was flattered, but too shy to ask for an explanation. But I don’t resemble a panther in real life – I am the opposite to mysterious or seductive or smooth. More like a rabbit or a squirrel or a duck in real life I think.)


Things that are square?

The dinner service I use when I have more than four guests. They are so annoying to clean.

My brother-in law (don’t tell Mandy I said that – eeeek!)

The Georgian window panes in my front door.


Holidays you have been on?

Sweden! – wooo hoo!!! The most fun I have ever had!

Texas, USA

Caravan Park Scarborough, Yorkshire (Never again)

I have been to lots of other places, but these are probably the most memorable holidays – memorable for good and bad reasons.


Words that rhyme with Pink?





Urban Legends?

I am not sure what you are looking for with this, things which have a legendary fame or myths about living in the city?:

The legendary Kriskitch cafe in London – yummy!

You can board a train on the London Underground Circle line and go around and around all day and you will only pay the minimum travel fee.

It doesn’t matter if you accidentally wander in to the bus-lane, the traffic cameras don’t usually work.


Things that are pink?

pink blacmange.jpgBlancmange


My face when I am with Goldfinch – forever blushing at what he is whispering into my ear!


Things to do with baseball?

The ball

The bat

The bowler

Am I thinking of cricket? They are almost the same right?


Marvel Heroes?

Oh dear… Now you’re asking! The only comic I ever read was Dennis The Menace, before I decided he was incorrigible and gave up on him.

The one that wears his underpants on the outside of his trousers

The one that Michelle Phieffer played…was it Batwoman?

The green one – well he goes green when he gets angry. I think it’s supposed to be good anger. He only gets angry at the baddies – correct me if I am wrong.


Ice Cream Flavours?

Has to be non-dairy ice-cream for me:


Peanut-butter caramel



Things that comes from the ocean beginning with the letter O?

Oldwife – it is a real fish Rory, honest!


Oil – well below the ocean…but often it is leaked into the ocean by bafoons! Grrrrr!