Finger Food Gave Me Food For Thought

I attended a get-together at a friend’s home last week. It was nice, easy-going and she had prepared a very impressive buffet of hors d’oeuvres and canapes, with lots of yummy dips – hummus, salsa, guacamole and more I couldn’t with certainty identify. Everything was yummy though. I loaded up my plate twice and couldĀ have happily done so a third time, although my mum would have disapproved, so my conscience held me back.

I was in deep thought that night. I found myself staring at the buffet table and I came to the conclusion that my lifestyle is just like it.

I live my life in little snippets and bite-size chunks. I spend fifteen minutes on this, twenty minutes on that. Friends all over London, all over the country – I spread myself thinly, gallivanting here and there, avoiding becoming a burden to anyone. Always the friend that people feel they never see enough of. Happy to start a paid job then move on elsewhere within a year. Although I am committed to voluntary projects and see them to their completion. I have even found it better if I break up my house-keeping. Thorough clean kitchen one day, bathroom the next, bedrooms and study, living room and utility room.

I juggle various sources of income, various voluntary commitments, and have a plethora of family members and friends to keep in touch with. My life is certainly graced with variety. But I have to spread out my time. It’s rare that I can devote a whole day to one thing. I guess a lot of people are like that nowadays. Such is the pace of life – especially in a big city I believe. You have to be very good at juggling.

It’s not often that I feel I can allow the time to sit and watch a movie from start to finish. So it is probably not such a bad thing that I am terribly fussy about films. I can enjoy the golden oldies – classic musicals etc. But most modern films I turn my nose up at, unless, they are made by Pixar or the likes.

I can’t watch a “normal” action film – I am traumatised. Anything like aggression, horror, violence, devastation, anything with lots of bad language – there is no point me even attempting to watch it because I will not remotely enjoy it. However, Pixar keep coming up with stuff that makes me laugh.

I was doing a bit of ironing while waiting for peanut butter brownies to bake, and I flicked on the TV to see if there was anything I could have on in the background, so that I didn’t become tearful about Goldfinch. “Despicable Me” was on the TV and, oh it did make me laugh. So many funny scenes! I have included the scene below because it is the kind of action scene I would enjoy:

This weekend I have so much planned…to keep me busy. I have meet-ups with different friends for breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner – both days! Sunday night…I will be over at a friend’s house – she has said we can watch a movie and eat cake. I am hoping for minions to make an appearance that night.



All By Myself, Don’t Want To Be….

The good news…well, rather marvellous news actually, is that Goldfinch, after giving up the English mobile phone numbers he had been using, now has an Australian number. I woke up this morning to a beautiful message from him.

He is fine! He arrived safely and smoothly. He avoided excess baggage fee on all three flights. He even managed to smuggle the peanut brownies past the sniffer dogs.

I cannot tell you how happy and relieved I felt to know he is fine!

The bad news is….I have a longer working day than normal…

I have to start work at 8am….and I will be finishing work at midnight. When all I actually feel like doing is curling up on the sofa in my pyjamas and watching movies.

This is when all my efforts to be Maria Von Trapp fail and I turn into Bridget Jones!




This post was in response to the picture prompt provided by The Haunted Wordsmith: