Schedules and Scheduling Are Superb!

At the start of last week I mentioned, I felt needed to establish a more balanced schedule, so that I was able to…well I had several goals, the size of my behind being one issue…but I also felt I needed more time outside on the fresh air to inspire me and refresh me mentally and emotionally.  I am loving my new schedule.

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before


I am very blessed to have woods and parks less than five minutes from the little nest where I could easily lose myself. It is such a wonderful start to the day. I can already tell how much it is raising my spirits to have that time at the start of the day to soak up the beauty and wonder that is on my doorstep. I am scheduling a little bit of wonderful into each morning and it is well worth it.

I do have to fight the temptation on the way back to the little nest to resist the artisan bakeries and coffee shops I pass (I did buy a pumpkin spice soya latte one day, because I was so chilly and damp, I thought I could do with a sugar boost).

I have been trying to stick to my schedule, and I think it is working fairly well so far. I prepared a post for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in advance and scheduled them to be published in the morning.  When I had a few minutes later on those days to check into WordPress, it was so lovely to be greeted by messages from other bloggers. I am going to try to do the same each week, schedule a little post in advance for my work days and accept that I have to prioritise on my work on those days. I love the scheduling feature of WordPress.  It is so helpful.

I have already been busy today and now have a couple of hours spare before I head out this evening for a fun night out with friends. I mentioned the other night I had checked the directions to the venue I am going to on Google Maps and an image of Jack had appeared. I told a friend and she said she was looking for information about places to visit in Bucharest and one of the websites she clicked had a photo of Jack. Jack is still making his mark on the world! That’s celebrity life for you.

I have a few tasks waiting for me:

  • Sweep up the leaves outside so I don’t have to wade through a great leaf pile every time I come in and out of the little nest.
  • A little ironing.
  • Bake a honey cake for the friends I am seeing tomorrow.

Then I shall be reading posts from other bloggers…and deciding which of the posts in my drafts folder I shall work on this weekend.

I wanted to use the picture and word prompts in one of the daily writing challenges provided by The Haunted Wordsmith but I have no idea about how to use candy apple….I wondered if an candy apple is the same as what we call a toffee-apple?

My first and last toffee-apple was at the age of around seven or eight.  I cracked a tooth on it….and it hurt.  I have avoided them ever since.

On that note, I will crack on with my tasks before I get ready to go out and meet my friends.

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