To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

I am loving writing a bit each day.  I am not particularly creative and talented like some bloggers.  Believe me, this is no false modesty.  I hope nobody can accuse me of conceit, but I have a healthy estimation of what I am and what I  am not.  I do attempt the occasional creative work – but the results are poor in comparison to the work of the great talents among our very lovely blogging community.

I am very well aware that there are some extraordinary writers and brilliant poets churning out delightful posts regularly, whereas my blogging is very much more based on things that are going on in my life, whether that be simple little conversations or major events.  The writing prompts are helpful in directing my thoughts and I draw great inspiration from other bloggers to produce something read-worthy myself. Throw in how much fun I am having with the challenges and nominations.

Yup! I am enjoying blogging.  I am enjoying reading other blogger’s work,  I am enjoying the interaction between bloggers.  I want to keep my oar in and remain involved with other bloggers – simply because it is fun and very enjoyable.

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However, I want to talk to you about my behind.  That’s right…my derriere, my bottom…whatever term you prefer.  I started blogging around five and a half months ago, and I do believe that in that time my behind has started to expand somewhat. I am having to eat less to compensate for the time I allocate to sitting at my desk trying to create posts. But I feel I need to be outside in the fresh air more and be more active to regain my formerly pert derriere.

In addition, my sleeping habits have been effected.  I am sometimes finding it hard to shut down WordPress because I am trying so hard to read all the wonderful posts out there which are displayed in my WordPress Reader. It seems like a never-ending mountain of posts to read.  So at times I have had black sunken eyes after not achieving as much sleep as I need (and I admit since I received head injuries during the attack, I seem to need a lot more sleep).  Twice this month I slept through my alarm and then when I woke up in shock at realizing I had to start work in 20 minutes, I was running around in panic like a headless chicken.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to be a bit more balanced in order to be able to sustain both my own blogging and my capacity to read, support, encourage all the talented writers who are also using this platform.

So, I am not going to wait until January…I am going to make a resolution now.  I am going to draw up a schedule and I am determined to stick to it.  At the moment all my paid work is done over three days in the week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,  So I am going to try to be content with a brief post if any at all on those days and I am going to severely restrict the time allotted to reading.  So although I will briefly check in on those days, I must make giving my all to my employer my priority and not be exhausted because I have been reading so late.

The other four days of the week, well I juggle my own house work with voluntary projects and commitments.  I also make the most of seeing friends (especially Goldfinch) at weekends.  I want to be a bit more strict about making sure I am active on each of those days though.  So I plan to have an early morning walk or jog depending on how much time I have available.

I am convinced this will be a wise step to help me to maintain a more balanced blogging routine.  In addition, I have to admit, I am thinking of my own emotional state after Goldfinch has departed for Australia.  I need to be outside in the fresh air.  I need nature, I need beauty.  I need to climb mountains, forge streams, follow rainbows, find new dreams.  I need to live boldly.  I need to boldly go on.   I need to… what’s that phrase?…it’s on the tip of my tongue…

“I need to boldly go where no man has been before!”

I need to be immersed in life.  Voyaging through this world of adventures.  I need to set my sights on new horizons and reach out for them,  I am enjoying blogging ever so much.  But I fear that unless I take steps to establish a more balanced routine, all you are going to see on my site throughout the winter are dirges about losing my Goldfinch!

So…please don’t think I am going to disappear…just might be seeing and hearing a bit less of me – especially Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. For the sake of my emotional state, for the sake of my complexion and bright eyes, and for the sake of my derriere.  You do understand don’t you!