Let There Be Light! (And Now…Let There Be Sleep)

It is 12.30am on Saturday morning….way past my bedtime!  I have just arrived back at the little nest after a looooooooong day!

I had to get up earlier to be ready for the electrician, who by the way, bears a striking resemblance to SuperMario. I kept on wanting to pet him. I have not had any electricity in the kitchen since Tuesday…I have coped just fine without it (just used my landlady’s utility room). But, of course, I needed an electrician to come and take a look at what is going on.

I woke at 5.30am to get myself ready and finish my ironing before the electrician arrived at 7am to fix whatever was causing the kitchen fuses to trip.  It seems some water had effected the outside security lights which are on the same circuit.  He spent almost four hours trying to resolve the problem.

He has done a grand job…too grand a job really.  When I arrived back here just now, the whole side passage lit up like Broadway.

I felt just a tad conspicuous with so many new bulbs and polished casings shining on me.  Before the electrician tackled the electrics this morning, half of the security lights didn’t work at all.


Then I started cooking for my landlady at 8.30am and filled up her freezer with meals.  I finished at noon and then had to rush off to my job down the hill.

Then this evening I have been helping with an ongoing assignment I have …which usually finishes at midnight, however, we ran overtime tonight.

I just saw a – what do they call them? Me me? It kind of sums up what it is like to have been running round for 18 hours. Do you want to see it?

The good news is…I am still mirthful, despite fatigue.  I was walking down the lane just now singing…yes out loud (I am sure none of the mansion residents would have been annoyed by my lullaby quiet singing – I wasn’t singing in my full-on belt-it-out range).  I was singing:

“Show me the way to go home

I’m tired, and I want to go to bed

I had a cup of tea about an hour ago

And it’s gone straight to my head”

With that…I really ought to say Good Night and work on some better quality posts over the weekend.  For now…it’s all about sleep!

I just thought, everytime a fox or a cat wanders within reach of the security sensor…they are going to get a fright at the light show!

Without further ado…adieu adieu to you and you and you.

7 thoughts on “Let There Be Light! (And Now…Let There Be Sleep)

    1. My landlady finds it really hard to get hold of him, but she prefers to use him because he is very good. He is a brilliant electrician…he turns up on a huge motorbike (I don’t know much about motorbikes but it is a noisy one…and he is at least a foot shorter than I am. Looks just like SuperMario as I mentioned.
      I always try to make a fuss of him, because we want him to answer his phone when we need him.

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