I’m Too Hungry For A Juice Detox

A friend of mine recommended a juice detox for the new year. Six recipes full of vegetables and fruit, lots of vitamins and goodness. I do want to try it, I really do. I love vegetables. Only….

Photo by Giorgi Iremadze on Pexels.com

When I wake up at 5:45am….I feel as if I need coffee and something substantial before I leave the house for work. Then while I am at work….my tummy rumbles and I fantasize about my lunch. I have been making my own lunch – salad, or couscous, or pasta, or a sandwich, nothing sensational, but all more appealing than vegetable juice.

Which means that it is more likely that I will succeed in this juice detox if I do it when I am not commuting to the office. So….I wonder how Jack will going to feel if I tell him we are trying a juice detox?

Yeah….it is not going to happen is it!

5 thoughts on “I’m Too Hungry For A Juice Detox”

  1. Not for me either. I tried the ‘Juice Master’ plan and caved before the end of day one. What you eat (or don’t) should be enjoyed, not endured!


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