I have to admit….I sometimes realize that I don’t fit in with parts of this world. I am not talking about the earth itself – oh everything under the sky that man has not made is absolutely wonderful to me. I am at ease, perfectly relaxed in nature.

But the man made world – it is so yucky to me in so many ways. Tall office blocks – they are rather hideous. I really do not like loud, garish, flashy venues. I do not like extravagance and gaudy showing off. It makes me feel sick when I have seen for my own eyes so many families in other lands working with all their might just to afford a scraping of food to keep their families alive another day.

When I know that I don’t fit in, it is sometimes hard to be happy. I can be a little butterfly, and show a light touch, delicacy and diplomacy, because it seems to be the right way to go about life. But I would not want anyone to be fooled into thinking that I am comfortable in that environment.

At a moment’s notice, if I feel threatened, my charm is dropped, I beat my wings and flee. I may have to grace unpleasant environments with my presence due to necessity – but I would prefer to spend not a minute longer than I have to in this man made world.

Let me get back to where I belong.

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