Rose Tinted World

I took some recycling out to the wheelie bin the other night….and wow!!! The whole world had turned pink. The sun was setting and just turned my little pocket of London every shade of pink.

I cannot get over how pretty it was.

Sunset, Tree, Branches, Silhouettes

It has been incredibly mild here over the past week or so. When the boiler stopped working, I did not notice at first that there was no heating (I did notice that the water was freezing cold when I showered!) But this weekend, the temperatures are set to drop.

I have been watching too much of the news. I am feeling anxious for people who say they cannot afford to turn on their heating.

I am sometimes bewildered by human mismanagement of our earth. The sun churns out trillions of tonnes of energy, powerful forces of nature exhibit colossal amounts of energy. How is it that with so much, with such an abundance of energy, this situation of people sitting shivering in their front rooms despite wearing bobble hats and huge coats is happening?

I obey the law and pay my taxes, but I do not have a rose tinted view of human rulership. Sometimes these gross inadequacies are extraordinarily upsetting and frustrating.