Absorbing All The Greenery

I have mentioned this in the past – but I am going to repeat it. I don’t seem to take much in when I watch television anymore. You know that feeling when you read a page in a book, and then realize you can not remember a single word? I am just like that with TV.

Sometimes I watch the weather report, and at the end I realize, I did not take anything in, and I need to go online to check the weather report. It happens with crime dramas. Jack likes watching “Vera”. We both like “Death In Paradise”. I can get to the end – when they reveal who committed the ghastly crime – and I have no idea what happened for the past hour (or two hours).

It’s as if the connection of those images on the screen is not registering in my brain. I have put it down to tiredness. My work has required so much concentration and attention to detail, perhaps there is no more capacity to concentrate on television.

Well….there is a David Attenborough documentary series called “The Green Planet” on BBC i-player which my friends have been watching. I have been trying to watch it too….only….nothing is going in to my brain!!! My brain does not seem to be absorbing the narration or making sense of the images.

All I can remember is that there is a lot of green….a serious amount of green!

Trees, Moss, Forest, Sunlight, Sunrays
Leaf, Green, Foliage, Green Leaves
Waterfall, Moss, Korea, Mountain, Valley
Iris, Wild Iris, Yellow Flower, Flowers