New Dawns, New Days

I am on the crest of the wave, the verge of change. I am looking out at all that is before me and feeling daunted, feeling very small.

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But as I look out…I realize that whether I am ready for it or not….adventure awaits. There will be challenges and trials, there may well be pain – but there will be rewards too.

We go on walking, we learn, we grow, we conquer. We are all still so young, so weak, so feeble, and yet we are made mighty by our endurance, by our courage, by our faith.

Even when we are wasting away on the outside, the person inside does not give up! We are made mighty by braving to live, braving to love. We know that life is a voyage that impels us to go on, go forward, with our eyes fixed on the prize ahead.