A Very Little Television

I am super happy because one of the very few television shows I actually am willing to watch because I enjoy it (usually) is back! The first episode was last night. For the next few weeks I will be watching “Death In Paradise” on BBC1 on Thursday evenings when i come home from work. I wrote the post below two years ago – and I have to laugh, my television viewing preferences don’t seem to have changed at all!

I don’t particularly enjoy television. I mean yes, I am a sucker for a great period drama, but I can’t stand all these soap operas, reality shows, entertainment competitions. I did not have a television for ten years when I left home, so it all seems rather strange how much shows have changed.

There is so much I don’t like. However…

…there are a few things that I can enjoy on an evening when I am in on my own. I normally do my ironing at the same time as watching them out of the corner of my eye. At the moment, I have a heavy heart and to stop me from dwelling on sadness, it is kind of healthy to watch something light hearted to absorb my attention and distract me.

One show is Masterchef (the British version only – the emotional hype in the American version is bizarre. It’s supposed to be a food show, what is with all the emotional drama and tears?  It’s also very disconcerting that in the Australian version every contestant is so beautiful! There are a lot of beautiful people in Australia). Masterchef is very interesting although it does make me feel rather inadequate in the kitchen. There are also a couple of detective shows I like as long as they are not too scary.

A show that I have been watching is the new series of the BBC’s “Death In Paradise”. I missed the last episode in the current series on Thursday night because I was with a friend. But I can catch up sometime over the weekend.

Now I do not want to tell you what has happened so far in this series in case you are planning on watching it, but I hope it does not ruin it for anyone to say that we have seen more of the character Florence, played by actress Joséphine Jobert. I have been pleased to see more story line developed around her character, because there were some points when I could not detect much personality in the character.

Now…I know you should not compare, but I really really like the first female lead who starred in the first three series of “Death In Paradise”, the character Camille, played by Sara Martins. I thought Sara Martins was superb. But one thing I will say is that I like Joséphine Jobert. I do not rate her as highly as I rated Sara Martins, but I really like Joséphine Jobert, there is something very sweet about her that makes more than happy to overlook times when I have felt there is a lack of character in her character Florence.

The reason I like this show is that it is so pleasant and affable and merry – and I know it is essentially about a heinous crime and deceitful criminals, but in this show, nothing is frightening! It is all so tame.

I absolutely love the male star of the show at the moment. I loved Ardal O’Hanlon being in the show right from the first episode and he seems to get better and better as he has settled into the role. I have decided he is the perfect man for me! I mean the character he plays, Detective Inspector Jack Mooney! Adorable and brilliant and people loving and fun! With the perfect male shape (to make me feel like I am the hot one in the relationship)!

Goldfinch was most definitely the hot one when it came to our relationship!

17 thoughts on “A Very Little Television”

  1. I used to watch a lot of silly fluff when younger, but it seems like such a waste of time now. I agree on all the types of shows you dislike. Recently I discovered Monk, an older show about an OCD detective, which I loved. And I binge-watched almost all of it until I got bored. I did get into some of the popular series, such as the Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, and currently Game of Thrones. Mostly these are violent shows with a lot of drama and side plots to hold my interest. Grace & Frankie is also enjoyable ~ I wonder if you would like that as a distraction. It’s funny, but also deep at times, and not violent.

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    1. I remember seeing an episode of Monk some years ago. I liked it. I liked the actor, although I can’t remember who he is – I can see his face in my mind though. The guy who was an ex-policeman (his wife had died I think) and he had a lot of anxieties. There was a female sidekick too.

      I have been writing some horrendous poetry, which for some reason is very soothing. I have also sorting out my spring wardrobe which has been in vacuum packs under the bed. I will do some washing and ironing tomorrow and decide which of my winter clothes to put into storage.

      I was supposed to go out today, but I had to cancel because I was so uncomfortable last night. I am glad I chose to stay home. I realize now, I made the right decision. Couldn’t be out and about today.

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  2. I didn’t see “Death in Paradise” after Ben Miller was the DI. I really liked the way the relationship between his character and Sara Martins’ was developing, then they killed him off…

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    1. I loved the two of them together too John. But I understand that Ben Miller didn’t want to be away from his family for such long periods. I believe his wife had a little one. I think the way he left the show and they introduced the next detective was brilliant though.
      I think the following detective left the show for the same reason, his little one was about to start school in the England and he wanted to be back with his family so he could support them more.

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