Consider The Context

Aquatic, Background, Beautiful, Beauty

Please don’t examine me so closely

Please don’t analyse my every shade

In the stark light of this cold world

Devoid of warmth and colour

Take a few steps back if you will know me at all.

View me in the context of my family

Together we are a vibrant shot of life

A pretty and kindly haven of joy

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 10-monet-painting.preview.jpg

Look at me in the greater scheme of things

How I interact in my world of friends

How I bloom even during dark days

Dancing with glee in the kaleidoscope I play in

View me as a tiny yet wonderful ingredient

In this grand and splendid universe of delight

I am only who I am due to a lifetime of others

Who’ve coloured every moment of my existence

My homage to all who have made me “me” and made me happy to be me

28 thoughts on “Consider The Context”

    1. Thank you…
      …I had an idea, and although I have not had time to polish it (I am still at work counting the hours until finishing time) I was just hoping that it was kind of obvious what I was trying to say.

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    1. Thank you…
      …I keep looking at this wondering of it needs some work. I did it during my break-time, and it was very hurried and higgledy-piggledy. But I like Amy Westphal’s comment…so I am going to hold off editing it at the moment.

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        1. I am very rarely creative…but I had an idea…
          I saw the picture prompt and thought the photo of the water-lilly, although colourful, just looked a bit stark close-up and the background seemed rather grim. As soon as I think water-lilly I think of Monet. And then I thought of how if someone starts to analyse us on our own, close-up, we don’t always appear great, but if they get to see us in our setting, how we fit in with our family, friends and community and the wider world….then they will get a much better picture of who we are.

          In all honesty, it was prompted because of a new-ish friend of mine, who seems to think he knows me (I think he is counting the days until Goldfinch leaves) and I have been a bit reluctant with the whole situation. I almost found myself arguing with him recently that he cannot possibly know me because he has not met my family and friends. He had beein paying me compliments which I feel very awkward about, so I told him I am only who I am because of everyone that has made me “me” and so any compliments belong to my wonderful world of family and friends.
          I have been finding it difficult because I am devoted to Goldfinch, which he knows, and I am really uncomfortable with some of the things he has been saying to me.

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          1. It is very deep…complex, yet simple at the same time. That’s just my take. I love it! Keep us posted on your new friend. Sounds like he may be an interesting contrast to Goldfinch. πŸ€”

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