An Average Day At The Art Gallery

My sister came home from work the other day with quite a funny story.  After posting a big long weepie a couple of days ago, I am determined to stay upbeat for the rest of the week. This made me laugh…especially when my sister Mandy told me in her dramatic style.

Mandy works (actually two years after I first wrote this post, she now works somewhere else!) in an art gallery with an art shop.  The art materials that are for sale are on display on the ground floor.  Then there is a gallery on the first floor.  Lots of local artists exhibit their work and hope to sell some of their paintings.  Then above that on the top floor is a stock room, kitchen and bathroom.

There were just two members of staff at work that day.  The other girl, Jan went upstairs to use the bathroom and left Mandy on the till.  When Jan came down she looked a bit red faced and said to our Mandy “the toilet has just gone through the floor.”  Jan had been shouting Mandy’s name from the top floor but my sister had not heard her.

Our Mandy didn’t know what she was talking about at first.  Well she ran up to see what Jan was upset about.  Jan had been sitting on the toilet when it quite literally started to sink into the floor.  Jan grabbed at the sink basin when she realized she was sinking and managed to scramble up.  However, the toilet continued disappearing into the floor.

Mandy ran up to the top floor and walked into the bathroom.  She saw that it had stopped sinking, but now the toilet seat was below floor level.  The 2 girls tried to pull it out.  They didn’t want it to land in the middle of the art gallery.  Although, I guess if that had happened they might have had a fantastic “modern art” display.

The girls decided they would have to lock the door so that no customers could come in.  They just were not sure how bad the situation could become.  They called a plumber, who arrived within half an hour.  He said that there had been a leak which had completely soaked the chipboard floor.  He thought it was hilarious.  Poor Jan!


Next moment, Jan’s mum, who just happened to be passing, popped into the shop to say hello. She was also very amused when she heard the girls relate their dilemma. Apparently, when they were viewing the house they now live in, Jan’s mum had walked into the bathroom (where the previous owner had been doing some work) and had fallen straight through a hole in the floor. I love the stories that people have.

Mandy’s account of the story was a bit more graphic, but I don’t think you want to know those kinds of details and frankly, I’ve just had my lunch so I would prefer to omit to full Mandy’s full technicolour, surround sound version of events!