Winter In Wales

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I have received some beautiful photos of Snowdonia taken recently. There are few places I love more than North Wales. Even in winter, it is wonderful place to be. It is always a pleasure to see the Welsh half of the family – well this time only a handful of them. Passing through villages and towns where I have many friends and wishing I could pop in for a cup of tea and a slice of Bara Brith.

It’s hard to explain the huge difference between Snowdonia and London. I am only in London because of the charities I work for having so much work to do here. But London, like most cities, is a crazy way to live.

Whenever I have spent time in Wales, it strikes me as complete madness that we have these awful concrete jungles we call cities. I think we will need to disband them at some point. They obscure the beauty of life.

I am so sad I missed the chance to visit my family in Wales during 2020. However – I must look ahead to the future!